Thursday, December 18, 2008

White-out Part II

This is mostly for Aaron...he wanted some weather update pics since he is not here to join in the madness! It was getting dark when I took these so they aren't that great. The second pic down is taken from the other side of the street...there have been NO plows down our street at all. The 3rd one down is looking East from our house down the street.


17 inches in 24 hours...a new record!! And it is STILL snowing! Schools, busses, roads etc. ALL closed! Snow Day!! The kids are happy to play in the deepness! Landon even liked being out there for a bit! I had to capture how much we really got, although the pictures don't do it justice! Hopefully I can make it to the "Burg" this weekend...I guess we will play it by ear (or sight!)

I had to show the trail the kids "blazed" to our neighbors house, our BBQ accumulation, and the BIG tree is usually high above our heads but with ALL that snow, it is almost touching the ground! Our little "Christmas tree" in the yard (well it is permanently there but it looks like a Christmas tree) is almost buried!

PS Click HERE to to my sis-in-laws blog...she recently lost 76 lbs. She is amazing!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Can't Resist...

This little man! If you are sick of Landon pics, stop looking now. If not...ENJOY! He fell off the couch the other day for the first time. I guess it's time to keep him on the floor. He's almost mobile! NOOOO! His hair is not really that's just the light.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Festivities

We had a happy Turkey day. Aaron ran the Turkey Trot at a local park (5K) and so the kids and I went to cheer him on. It was a chilly 30 degrees out so by the time he was done, the kids and I were frozen solid, but fun nonetheless. We we invited over to a family's house in our ward (Aaron also used to work with the guy). It was soo fun and delicious of course!

Friday and Saturday we set up our Christmas tree, went Christmas shopping, went on a hot date (the last one before Aaron left for Seattle), and did a lot of relaxing. Also baby Santa came to see us. My friend Megan sent this cute little santa suit for Landon. It fit him perfectly! Thanks Megs! Yes my hubby is MIA now. WAHHHHH. Sad day, but he is really enjoying his new job. Now if my house will just sell already!


I spent $27 today on gas. This filled my 4-runner up from, "gas light on" to ALL the way FULL! YIPPEE SKIPPIE!