Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dirty Dash

Aaron and six of his co-workers signed up for the Dirty Dash. It's a 10k run full of muddy obstacles and crazy people who like to get dirty. To add the the craziness, most of the 5000 people who ran the race wore costumes. We saw everything from men in tutus, wigs, people wearing their underwear over their clothes, unicorns, girls wearing mustaches etc. Aaron went as a nerd accountant (not a far stretch of imagination right? hahaha). He got a three piece suit from Value Village, and cut off the legs of the pants and got a really tight white shirt and ripped the arms off (see pic below).
The only other man (Paul) who ran on their team!


The finish line:

Coco was sooo hot and sooo tired! Poor lil man!

After (most of the mud on him was dried by the time I finally found him in the sea of people):

The kids and I ran the 1 mile race called Piglet Plunge. Here is the results:

Lando the nerd.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer, Summer, Summertime...

Colton decided to jump back in the bath after he had just got out and dressed

31 pounds of strawberries from Green Bluff to turn into jam and smoothies

The helpers. They seriously helped a ton. They cut tops off strawberries for an hour straight!

Aaron's work rented out a river boat and so we got to go "float" around lake Couer d'Alene. It was a beautiful evening for a boat ride. We got a dinner of hamburgers and hot dogs, and saw some BEAUTIFUL homes right on the water. Aaron works with some really cool people (and their wives are cool too!!)

Enjoying their boat ride

Colton doing what he does best