Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cross That Country!

All City Meet

Sydnie had the opportunity of running Cross Country in school this year. We always knew she was fast, but little did we know HOW fast! There were only 3 meets in the 2 month period, my kind of sports..."low stress". The first 2 meets were qualifiers. Syd came in 4th after running the mile (out of 8 schools' 2nd grade girls). She qualified for the all city meet which consisted of 33 schools, ALL over Spokane. There were 880 students running that day for the all city meet! HOLY COW, that was one crazy event. Syd came in 29th place (against 120 2nd grade girls). We are so proud of our SUPER FAST gal! Even if she wasn't fast, we would still be proud. I am just so glad she decided to compete. She normally hates competition and despises people "watching" her!

On a different subject; at school, Sydnie was asked to write 5 words to describe her (for an art project) and this is what she said: Excited, Sweet, Cool, Fast, Kind. That describes her perfectly! We love our one and only girl!

Qualifiers Meet

Syd and her running BFF Megan

I had to throw one in of our growing boy Colton...He will be 4 months on the 30th.