Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Teeth and Snow

Wes FINALLY lost his 1st tooth last week. I think it was only loose for a week or two and he bit into a corn dog stick and jolted it loose even more. Then dad saved the day and pulled it out!

We haven't had a ton of snow this season, so when it does snow, the kids take advantage. Syd and Wes built this *almost* by themselves (dad helped a bit).

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Syd's 9th

It's been a while since Syd was able to have a friend party, so this was the year. She invited 13 friends, and 13 of those friends showed up! Talk about a mad house! It sure was fun though. Aaron took all the boys and went to a friends house for the night (well until 10:00). So that was nice to not have to try and tame the boys with all the screaming girls.

For the party we ate pizza, played games, opened presents, ate dirt and worms (oreos and pudding) and watched girl movies. During the movie, we had a hair station and a nail painting station. Every girl got her hair braided as well as their nails painted. I think it was a smashing success. I couldn't have pulled it off without my BFF Emily b/c she helped me execute the WHOLE thing. She was in charge of the hair, and went on a braiding frenzy. She rocks. And Happy Birthday to my sweet 9-year-old!!!! Double digits next year girl!