Monday, April 28, 2008

Lucky 7

Today is mine and Aaron's 7 year anniversary! Here are some of the "events" that have happened in the past 7 years:
*Moved 5 times
*Had 2.5 kids
*5+ years of College
*BOTH graduated from college (Aaron with 2 degrees)
*PhD drop out (best choice we ever made)
*Many camping trips, fishing trips and vacations
*3 car accidents (and a few other dents)
*1 stolen bike
*3 cell phones getting destroyed by water and (3 cameras as well)
*No pets (as of yet , hallelujah)
*1 motorcycle and 3 cars
*1 broken fly pole and 1 angry dad (thanks to Wesley)
*Over 3500 pictures (at least that is what our picture archive says)
*Over 3 million happy memories (or more!!!!!!!)
Can you believe I am married to this hottie??????? I love being married to ya Aaron G. Banks!!! :0)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


We are driving to Utah for a Banks reunion (and a graduation)!!!! WAHOOO...hopefully the 12 hour car ride with 2 kids will go okay! I am so excited to see all of you, family!!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

One Happy Day!

April 15th marked the end of tax season which means that we are a family again! Well, we have always been a family, just never really saw daddy/hubby! I feel more sorry for Aaron because he was the one working his be-hind off, AND never got to see us or have a minute to himself! This is what we did to celebrate the day! Aaron got off of work around 4 and then I dropped the kids off at our friends and I met Aaron at the hotel to have a YUMMY buffet dinner (along with all of his co-workers). It is nice to be getting to know some of the people he works with a little better. He has worked there for about a year and a half now, and that feels good! We pigged out on prime rib, salmon, chicken all kinds of salad, stuffed mushrooms, cheeses, and chocolate mouse cake or cheesecake for dessert! There was also an open bar so we got to see lots of people getting "wasted." Over all it was really fun and extremely yummy! We didn't get to stay over night, well, we could have for $200/night. NO thanks!

The next day Aaron had the day off so we ran errands such as; getting our drivers licencses renewed (which consisted of waiting in the DMV for an hour) then we went to a fly shop, got smoothies (SOOOOO DELICIOUS!) went to Value Village, and Fred Meyer. I know it doesn't sound too fun but trust me it was! I usually run errands every day but never with Aaron, so that made it WAY better! He even got to go to the driving range and hit few balls around! He had to work today again (sigh) but are glad we will be seeing a lot more of him! Welcome home my love!!!!!!

I also wanted to give a shout out to EVERYONE who helped us get through the busy season. Seriously, I couldn't have survived without my friends here in Spokane, all the people who called to check on me (and Aaron) and all the people who gave kind words (on the blog, or email etc). It all helped and meant so much!!! You all ROCK! Here are some pics of us at the party and Aaron being...well...himself sitting with Mr. Davenport. Aaron also bought me 3 dozen thoughtful and pretty!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Munchkins (and me)

There is really nothing too exciting going on right now, hence for the lack of exciting posts!!!! I went to Pullman last weekend and so here is a picture of me and my good friend Julie who I stayed with for one of the nights! We have too much fun together! Also, we were getting ready to cut Wes's hair and so we spiked it too see how long it had gotten! And then one day the kids were watching TV and I look and Wes is laying on Sydnie's stomach. The looked so cute and comfortable (and bored) I had to take a picture! That is about all for this week...only 2 more days until tax season is O-V-E-R!!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

7 Days until...

Until I get my hubby back, and my kids get their dad back!!! YEAH! Tax season has been "taxing" on all of us and the 15th is just 7 days away! His work is having an "After Tax" party for all the employees and their significant others at the Davenport Hotel. I can't wait for that (which is next Tuesday). We get served a yummy dinner, with out kids, and the best part is I will get my hottie hubby back! Hallelujah!!! Here is a picture of one of the ballrooms in the Davenport Hotel that we might have the "party" in. I will tell ya'll how it goes. Now if I can just make it one more week! I know I can!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This one's for you Carrie!

So, I can't post a new picture right now (Carrie said she was sick at looking at Wesley's booty, I don't blame her) because I am out of town, but I will tell you what we have been doing for the past few weeks:

1. For my b-day (Mar 26) my friends took me to Chuck E Cheese! Believe it or not we had so much fun. The kids played and played for over 3 hours and the adults just got to sit around and talk! After that I ate over at my friends house for dinner. YUMMY and fun!

2. Aaron has been staying at work until midnight or later (a few nights till 2:00 am!) YIKES. Only 13 more days after today!

3. I have been baby sitting like mad, but I am glad I can help my friends out!

4. I finally have some friends in my ward (it took while huh?) but we have been doing play groups, mall dates, and game night for ladies! Thank goodness for friends to break up some of my days!

5. Wes, Syd and I all had a stomach bug Saturday and Sunday, it was very short lived THANK GOODNESS! Cleaning up throw up is not my idea of fun!!!!

6. We are in Pullman for the next few days visiting some old friends and relaxing!

I know this post is EXTREMELY exciting, just wanted to give ya all a little update! Hope you are all great!