Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This and That

We went and saw Hannah Montana in the movie theatre with our friends that came to visit from Pullman. Sydnie has actually never really watched the Hannah Montana show before, but she was really interested in the movie. It was pretty fun to go see it, and it was in 3-D so we got to wear these cool glasses. I would recommend not seeing it in the theatre since it was $15 to get in for kids 4 and up. Needless to say, Sydnie was 3 years old for that day. I could not bring myself to pay $30 for me AND Sydnie! YIKES. Wesley even liked the movie! Now every time he sees Hannah Montana on TV or anywhere, he gets really happy and says "I LOVE HER!" HAHA!!

Also these are pics of Wes worn out after a long day. He fell asleep folded in half, on his face, on the couch! I was laughing so hard. He cracks me up!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Belly Bump RE-DO

I got a lot of comments about how I didn't even look pregnant in the last post. I promise it was the shirt that was hiding me...and this picture proves it! NOW do you believe me? :0) This might be the last pic you get of me in a LONG time. I don't love taking pics of myself when I am pregnant (so enjoy it! ha).

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dentist and Belly bumps

Wes went to the dentist for the first time yesterday and he did GREAT! He was really scared but Sydnie went first and so he watched her "be brave" and then he sat in the chair like a big boy and did AWESOME! It was sooo cute. He was really cooperative! I couldn't help but laugh sooo had because he looked so cute sitting there with his mouth wide open! LOVE IT!

Also, some of you are DIEING to see what my tummy looks like...well, pretty big! Here it is! (Syd took these pics)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Valentine Celebration!

Sooo TAX season is taking over my husband (from Jan-April). His is literally gone from 8:00 am-10:00 pm. YUCKY, but on Valentines Day he suprised me and came home early. He made us a steak dinner complete with salad, potato salad and ice cream for dessert! YUMMY!!! After dinner he and the kids had a HUGE pillow fight and there was also a lot of dancing as well. The kids are so sick of JUST me, they had so much fun with their dad for a change! After we put the kids to bed we watched Becoming Jane. I really liked it but Aaron didn't like it toooo much! Anyhoo, it was sooo fun to have my cute hubby back for a night. I felt rejuvenated for the rest of the week! FUN! I love you honey bunny!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sweet Sydnie!

SO, Wesley drew on the walls the other day with crayon so yesterday Sydnie and I went to scrub it off with the handy magic eraser. Sydnie REALLY likes using the magic eraser and watching the crayon disapear. So I let her scrub for a while, so I left for 5 minutes and then came back in the room. She was just sitting there and the crayon was still on the wall. Here is our conversation:
ME: Where the scrubber (repeated 4 times)
SYD: I don't know (repeated 4 times) maybe we can us the other one since I can't find the one I was just using.
ME: You needed to tell me the truth on what really happened.

She finally got HUGE tears in her eyes and says:

Oh mom, I accidentally ripped it in half!! She proceeded to cry her eyes out! She showed me where it was (which was in the garbage) and when I found it, there was scotch tape all around it. She had tried to tape it back together so I wouldn't know!! My heart broke and with a lump in my throat said Oh Sydnie you are not in trouble AT ALL, I am not mad you just need to tell the truth the first time. She said "okay mom" through her sobbs! Even though I wasn't mad in the slightest but, I was thinking am I really that mean that she would think I would be so furious over a magic eraser ripping!!? I made a new goal last night to make such a big deal about inconsequential things! My sweet Sydnie humbled me!