Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sweet Relief

For the past two years, our road has been…well…really rocky.

Sparing you all the BORING details, lets just “nustshell” it. Bought a house that we wish we hadn’t. Got a new job (in a different city) and lived six months apart (THAT was a tough one). Tried to sell my house as a single mom (don’t recommend that one). Never sold it. Moved back in together (FINALLY) for 4 months and then laid off for six. Finding out I was pregnant 4 days after the lay off—

Now that we have a job back in good ol Spokane, I can breathe easy and express the joy (as well as the heartache) that we have experienced.

Now this is not a complaint post, but let me tell you…being laid off might be one of the scariest, heart sinking experiences. It seems that life is stuck in one spot, literally. All you are THINKING about is all the things you want or actually NEED, and affordability is just not in the cards. It can be a real downer, even for a self-proclaimed optimist like myself…

Although our life has been on hold for the past six months, the blessings came pouring in. Here are some of them:

Became very close as husband and wife
Learned how to rely on the Lord
Family stepped in mentally, physically and emotionally (2 million times more than EVER expected)
Learned how little we can live on and STILL be okay
When sick when preggo, my hubby was here the WHOLE TIME (including not having to find a baby sitter for all my Dr. appointments)

I could keep going, but the picture is painted right?

I now feel empowered, strengthened, a serge of adrenaline as we are moving back to where we started. I feel like we can go through anything now. Not invincible really, just toughened and blessed. Taking it ONE day at a time is and was key here. Rock bottom is not a good place to be, but the ride up will sure be fun!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I'm 32 weeks (about). Wes, the photographer, took these pics and actually the ones that turned out best are the ones where I am not smiling or looking at the camera! Go figure. For some reason my babies like to come at 37 weeks, so if that holds true with this little dude, he COULD be here in 5 weeks! HOLY COW!

Monday, May 10, 2010

One Happy Mom

How could I NOT have a happy Mothers day when I get to wake up to this every morning!?

Syd had a choir concert at school! Very cute! We were sitting in the back row, hence the bad picture...

Look at those baby blues!

Lando ran into a chain link fence, just right (or just wrong) last week. I thought he might need stitches at first because the cut was DEEP. I put a band aid on for a while and when I took it off it looked SO much better. He is doing just fine, but will probably have a big scar there! Poor dude!

For mom's day I enjoyed a delicious breakfast of an egg scramble, a nap, church, grilled steak burritos for dinner, and cheesecake for dessert with the in-laws! Perfect day! I love my little family sooo much!