Friday, August 31, 2007

Goodbye Summer...Hello Fall!

I am really bummed that summer is over! We had so much going on the last few months such as vacations, camping, visitors, swimming, reunions, parks, movies, sun tans, laughs, etc! It's hard to see the days getting shorter but I can also "smell" fall in the air. The days and nights are cooler and more crisp, it rained all night last night and it was so cool to hear the rain while laying in bed! I also love the colors and food of fall such as anything pumpkin, soup, and just comfort/cozy food! There will be an apple harvest in Green Bluff soon and that is so exciting (for me and the kids). Sydnie is already talking about Halloween and what she wants to be! School and football are both in swing and that only mens one thing!!! FALL IS HERE...WELCOME!

Monday, August 27, 2007


My grandma died the day we got home from camping. My sister and her hubby came to Spokane the next day so later on in the week we drove to Boise together and went to the funeral. It was SUUCH a nice service and it was actually a really happy time. It was cool to see everyone in my immediate family (we were ALLL there) as well as all my cousins and their kids. We kind of partied hard after the funeral. We stayed at my uncles house and stayed up till 2:00 am the first night and 4 am the second! YIKES It was so fun though, I think that is how grandma would want it to be!

A back flip

Aaron being crazy as usual!

Nature Walk


The day my parents left we went camping with our friends in Idaho. We had so much fun. We went swimming, fishing, canoeing, geocaching, and ate lots! There was a burn ban so we cou;n't have a fire. It was awesome fun!

A broken foot!

When my mom was here, we walked down to the river by my house and she did a mis-step and kind of "rolled" down the hill. She got up and was walking on her foot but she said it hurt pretty bad. When we got home it started swelling and so she decided to go to the ER to make sure everything was okay! They did an x-ray and sure enough it was broken! YIKES! She said it didn't hurt bad, I think it looked worse than it was. They gave her a boot to wear and crutches. I am glad it wasn't a worse break and nothing else happened!

Chuck E Cheese

My mom and dad came for a week and they brought my 2 nephews Taylor and Spencer. We did all kids of fun stuff like go to Chuck E Cheese, went swimming, went to a free movie, played games, went geocaching, went to the temple, etc. It was soo much fun!

Suave little guy

Wes got his haircut (by Aaron, as usual) I thought it turned out so cute!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Bye Sweet Great Grandma!

My Grandma Christensen (mom's mom) died yesterday morning peacefully. She died of old age, and that is about it. She has been weak and frail for many years and has been ready to "go" for over 5 years. Her first husband and the love of her life died 18 years ago so it has been a trying and lonely years for her. She did remarry but he has also passed on. I will miss my sweet grandma...she was always so inviting, so patient (she raised 9 children) and loving, a great cook, very compassionate, so "together" she ALWAYS remembered names of EVERYONE AND birthdays! She always sent cards (without looking at the calendar). She had 75 grandkids, 102 great grandchildren and a few great great grandchildren! It's amazing to think all those people happened because of her! She lead a wonderful fufilling life and will be missed greatly. I am so happy for her though, she is now with her husband and family that has passed on. She must be so thrilled! I will miss you Grandma C!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Grandma and Grandpa Lindsey are...

Coming to town...TODAY! Yeah, Sydnie and Wesley are in heaven and I will be too when my mom and dad get here! Of course I love to see my parents and I also like that I get a little break from the kids!!! My parents are also bringing my 2 nephews (ages 10 and 12), so hopefully we won't bore them to death! We have a lot of fun things planned such as going to free movies, parks, chuck e cheese, geocaching, zoo, etc! Party time. Now I just need to feel better because I have been feeling lousy the last 3 days! (I know what you are thinking...I am not pregnant, just the opposite, GIRL stuff). I have been dizzy, shaky and is really no fun but I think I am on my way up! I am excited for this week! Hope you are all doing fabulous!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Scrapbook Day

Hey Girls...

I am scrapbooking today...who wants to come join me???!! I am just a little behind, I am still on when Aaron and I were dating! HA! I was also wondering about the circle journals. Does anyone have any idea where we are with that! I want see them all!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


For some reason today I got soo much accomplished...this is what I did, laundry, dishes, picked up the entire house, washed my dining room chairs (don't ask...I'm a dork, in my defense, they had NEVER been washed and there was sticky stuff ALL over them), made homemade bread, made dinner in the crock pot, talked to my kids, played with them in the back yard for a while, and a few other random things, and all the while my kids are being sooooooo good today (well so far) Woowhoo. We are also going to the library and then the park in a bit so that will be nice! This is pretty much a rare occurrence so I thought I would document it! I wonder what makes us so productive one day and so counter-productive the next? I want to hear some of the things that you all accomplished today (or recently), big or small!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sunday Confessions!

1. I really dreaded gong to church today because we got home so late last night! We went and right when we got there Syd threw up in the parking lot (she is better now).

2. I did some laundry today (I try not to on Sundays) but the towels were gettin stinky! (They are still waiting to be folded).

3. Wesley would not eat anything (well a few bites of fajita) and then he cried for cookies and I gave him some...didn't want to fight. I'm a sucker!!!!

4. My kitchen is a huge mess right now and I am not gonna do anything about it tonight!

5. My kids stayed up about an hour after their bed time.

6. I gave Wesley a lot more attention than Sydnie today, which is seeming to happen a lot lately (not on purpose, just that Wes is younger and needs more help) and I know that really affects Syd negatively.

That is about it for now...nice that I can vent that...I already feel better! :0) Thanks for listening!

Fun Happenings...

Friday Aaron's work took all the employees to Silverwood (if you don't know, it is just a big theme park with lots of rides and waterslides). We got in early before it opened to the public and went all some roller-coasters! Way lines! We felt pretty special. After the park opened the kids go their fill on little kiddie rides and then we had a catered lunch from Longhorn BBQ. It was yummy. The we watched a magic show (I have never seen my kids so enthralled by anything in my life!). It was short but pretty good. The we went to the waterslides where we played in the freezing water for a while. It was warm out but the water was so cold it was hard to the kids to enjoy (plus there was a wind blowing...BRRRRRR). Aaron informed me that he felt incredibly sick and that we needed to leave ASAP. I thought he was over I just kind of ignored it and then a little later he said WE HAVE TO LEAVE NOW!!!! So we left at 4:00 and got home at 5:00. At 5:30 he threw up all over our bed (and it was all his lunch!!) YIKES! (Sorry for the graphic details!). Aaron never gets sick so it is really odd that he all of a sudden got this! We figured out that it was probably food poisoning mixed with dehydration. He ate about 20 lbs of cole was probably that! Anyhoo...our day wasn't completely ruined because we had already been there for a long time and the kids were tired, but I wasn't quite ready to leave! It was actutally a REALLY fun!

Saturday we headed to Troy ID (2 hours from Spokane) for the Seegmiller reunion! It was really fun to see everyone and we ate and ate and ate. We all sat around and listen to Scott play guitar and banjo and we even had a special visitor....a MOOSE! He walked right up to a tree a few hundred yards away and started eating it right up! COOL! The kids of course had soo much fun with G-ma and G-pa Banks! We got home last night around midnight and then went to church this morning and right when we pulled into the parking lot Sydnie thew up on the ground! We took her home and she slept and is now better I guess! She has been running around all afternoon. Anyhoo, that was our busy weekend..we had tons of fun!!!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Favorite four jobs I've held:
-Baskin Robbins (YUMMY)
-Dental Lab (helped make retainers...sooooo fun)
-Leasing Apartments (the price for a 2 bedroom apt in San Jose: $2100 month!)
-Catering at WSU

Four movies I can watch over and over again:
-You've Got Mail
-Father of the Bride
-Legally Blonde
-How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days

Four places I have lived:
-San Jose CA
-Rexburg ID
-Pullman, WA
-Spokane WA

Four t.v. shows I watch:
-American Idol
-The Office
-Scrubs (LOVE IT)
-CAN'T think of anything else!

Four places I've been on vacation:
-Washinton DC
-Canada (Niagra Falls and Abbotsford)
-Catalina Islands
-Ensanada Mexico

Four favorite foods:
-Anything BBQ
-Big PHATTY hamburgers!

Four websites I visit:
-PBS Kids (my kids like to play)
-my blog