Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We had Trunk-or-Treating and a carnival at the church on Saturday. It was tons of fun for the kids and they ate (and are still eating) SOOOOO much candy!

Friday, October 26, 2007


Yes, it is official...WELL Almost..contingent some paperwork! To see pictures to to Aaron's blog (labeled My Honey, in the right column). We are soooo excited! OUr closing date is November 20th!!! WAHOO!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Funny Sayings...

I try to keep track of the funny things my kids Wesley was trying to tell me something and he kept saying "Candy Lame, Candy Lame." Finally I realized he wanted to play CANDY LAND. Here is a picture of the buddy...I have been really slacking with the camera lately.
I was picking up Syd from school today. I always have the radio on (pretty low, NOT loud) in the car and today I heard from Sydnie "Hey Hey, you, you I don't like your girlfriend" (you know that song by Avril Lavigne!) HA. I guess she was singing a long but I didn't even hear the radio really. She is really observant and picks up on things pretty easy. She also likes Kelly Clarkson. I don't know why because I don't like her really. Anyhoo, I crimped her hair the other day and took some cute pics!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Kiddos

So Syd and Wes are little buds (most of the time). The love to lay in the same bed (right before I tuck them in). They were being so cute one night I had to take a picture. A few nights later I went in to check on them and they had both fallen asleep in Syd's bed. SOOOOOO CUTE! Also Syd got her ears pierced and she absolutely loves her earrings (you like the pizza all over her face?)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Big BOY Wes and other stuff

So Wes just potty in his big boy potty! It is a MIRACLE! I just set him there (because I knew he has been "tooting") so I think I caught him at just the right time. So he went, but before he was done, he stood up and made a huge poo mess everywhere! At least he made some in the toilet I guess. I seriously can't believe it because he is against wearing big boy underwear and sitting on the toilet all together, so this is PROGRESS! YEAH! We are headed to the store to buy him so "incentives" to continue this! ;0) (only a mom, would write about this and poo and everything).

Also I just finished Twilight! I too was captivated! It really felt like I had feelings for Edward! I know how pathetic! I REALLY liked it. Thanks for the recommendation everyone. I can't wait to read the others!! Carrie how is These is my Words? SAD?

Aaron got a raise at work yesterday, and we were pleasantly surprised! HAPPY DAY! That is about all from this home-front!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Parent Advice!

I need help! Sydnie has a friend (who lives really close) and they do everything together including going to school. This would be a good thing EXCPET her friend is the biggest brat! AHHHH. She has an attitude and back talks and disprespects everyone, including her mom. I have seen Sydnie picking up on these AWFUL habits and it is nearly driving me insane! Today Syd's teacher called and said they are both saying they are sick and crying and whining which of course they are NOT! I seriously feel my blood boiling because I KNOW it is her little friends influence!! AHHGGG. I know Sydnie is NOT like this. She used to be sooo SWEEEEEET! She is acting like a brat teenager and I am not ready for that! I try to limit their play together, but they still spend lots of time together and at school they are attached at the hip. I am really good friends with her mom and I baby-sit for her all the time. I don't want to offend her in the slightest but I need to stop this!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO!!?!?!?! It wouldn't be such a big issue but I have seen EXTREMELY inapproprate behavior from her friend and I don't want my child around that AT ALL!! Any advice? What so I do with Syd? How should I tell the friend's mom? I am SOOO mad!

Thanks for letting me VENT!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

House Hunting!

So I am going out to look at houses with our realtor today (for like the 50th time) so wish me luck. I am soooo ready to move into a house and have a yard etc etc. I will let you all know how it goes. The problem is, our price range is pretty low (dang student loans) :0( so we have slim pickings. Our really good friends just bought a house and they got a SCREAMING deal, so that really motivates me even more. Hope you are all happy today!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Thoughts about the weekend

This weekend was pretty busy. Here is what we did:

1. I baby sat a 10 month old little boy for 2 days (+ overnight). He was really good! He slept 12 hours straight (7:30 pm- 7:30 am)

2. My friend Megan from Pullman came to play on Saturday (and stayed overnight till Sun)

3. Aaron went to Pullman to go to the game (too bad the Cougs LOST :0(

4. I went shopping to Fred Meyer (70% off sale), the mall, Old Navy and Costco

5. Sydnie got her ears pierced! She did not even flinch or cry or anything! They looks so cute. I will post some pics soon!

6. My friend Megan and I put the kids to bed and talked till midnight! YES! I love those times!

7. Watched (some) Conference (it was hard with 4 kids running around)

8. Visited with Greg and Bonnie (they were in Troy visiting Great Grandma, they came by to say hi for a bit).

9. Now my house is quiet and relaxing because the kids are sleeping and Aaron is studying! I am liking this! Hope everyone had an AWESOME weekend!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Weekend O Fun

Okay, If you have never had a girls weekend, plan one NOW! My best peeps (Emily and Heidi) and I went to Seattle on Friday for a girls weekend with out KIDS!!!!! (We each have 2 kids). We headed out at noon and drove to the temple. We made the 6:00 session and had the BEST time. It felt so good to not have to rush back to the baby sitter and all that. The session was awesome! After it was over we headed to Greg and Bonnie's house. It was fun to see them. They bough pizza for us YUMMY! We talked then went to bed.

In the morning Greg made us his famous pancakes! They were TASTY. What a nice man! We headed off and went to Value Village (there is an AWESOME one in Lynwood) and then headed to IKEA. We spent around 5 hours (and could have spent more time) there. It was sooooooooo amazinly fun. Can I just tell you it is WAY better to go with out kids!!! We kept saying "oh man, it was so easy to just get out of the car with out kids and not fight with them to be good and pack for them etc etc. I bought all kinds of good stuff and had to restrain from buying too much! We drove back to Spokane right after that! These are our fun pictures we took while partying!!!! Heidi is blonde and Emily is brunette. This trip was just what we needed! Em and Heidi, YOU GUYS ROCK, love ya tons!. And thanks Honey for letting me go and keeping the house and kids under control while I was gone!

Green Bluff

Syd went on a field trip to Green Bluff and I got to go with! (if you don't know what Green Bluff is, it is a huge farm where they grow produce year round, and of corse it is apple and pumpkin season right now). We got to go on a train ride (pulled by a tractor) see how cider is made, taste cider (YUMMY!), pet some goats, pick an apple, and pick a pumpkin! It might have been more fun for me than for Syd. Did you know that in the US there are 2000 different varieties of apples?