Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekend of Estrogen!

I had the opportunity to meet with all my sisters, sis-in-law and mom at my sister's house in Austin...and what a fun weekend it it was! We all left our kids at home with the hubbies (except for Janet, who hosted. Her hubby and kids were there, but they were GREAT sports) and so it was TRUELY a relaxing, girl filled weekend. Here are some of our activities:
We went on the river-walk in Downtown Austin with all the dogs (it doubled as a dog park too).

My cute nephew Noah posing on the walk (I love this pic)

Stevie Ray Von (sp) the musician (Austin is famous for music/live music).

A little bit of texting...

A WHOLE lot of gathering and talking. Talking until like 2 AM every night! We just couldn't stop!!

A cool gazebo

Turtle Tree

Girlie Pic! I heart my fam!!

Me and my niece Emily (and a random dog)

Em turns 9! I ended up frosting the cake and then making a crack in it. It was a disaster, but it still tasted good! HA!
Austin, Noah, and Em by the river

Some other activities NOT pictured:
Eating some good Tex Mex food. Best shrimp tacos of my life.
Eating of donuts (might be the best EVER) My donut had fried bananas, cream cheese and brown sugar on top. Others ranged from peach, to chocolate raspberry, to quadruple chocolate...can you say YUM!?
Visiting the kids at school for lunch
Pedicures (OH YEAH)
PTA lunch for school (I did more PTA stuff away from home than I do AT home)
Sushi Night
I feel so relaxed, rejuvenated and like I can be a good mom and wife again. What an AWESOME weekend (well it was actually 5 days) with an awesome family! I missed my kids and hubby a lot and this trip makes me appreciate them even more!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fun in Feb

A bed made by Syd and Wes for "baby" Landon

For Valentines day we had some friends come over and frost cupcakes. It was a messy good time!

We went to our favorite local beach and hiked around, and threw rocks in the ocean for hours! Can you see Aaron, Syd, and Wes among the rocks? Wes is camouflaged...

Mr. Rock-Thrower-Man

After this picture he sat down in the water and got soaked and sandy, but had a marvelous time!

Fun with Uncle Danner
Aaron did it again! He made a fly fishing bench/table so he can organize his mess, I mean, materials. This boy has mad carpenter skills!