Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We have had a fun week. First off, Aaron turned 29....you old man you!!! We had some friends from the ward over to eat yummy cake with us. Aaron even got to get off work early and go to the driving range. Happy b-day honey bunny!! The weather has been fairly nice so the kids have been able to play outside and run though the sprinklers and also get REALLY dirty in the process. Here are some "dirty" pictures (not that kind of dirty :0)).

For memorial day Aaron's parents and 2 siblings (Danner and Laurie) came over to play! We mostly just relaxed, went for a walk in the park, ate yummy food, the boys put in my planter box for my garden (YEAAAAAHH!!) and then we had a BBQ chicken lunch Monday afternoon before they left! We are so lucky and happy that we live close enough for a short visit every now and then! It is such a treat to be with family! Thanks for coming to visit, and thanks for all your work Dad, Danner, Aaron and Wesley to get my garden in....now if we can just get some things, to grow in it! :0) More to come about the garden...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Current Events...

Just a little update....nothing too exciting goin on! The first pic is my kids in their new bathing suits. For some reason they LOVE taking baths with their suits on. I guess they think they are swimming or something, but I thought it was such a cute picture!

Then there is me....I swore I wouldn't put up another picture of me but I have had some requests to see some more "preggo" pictures so this was the best one I could find. I just did my glucose test, I don't have diabetes, but I AM anemic, JOY! I am feeling pretty good, just gettin big/HUGE.

Also, Wesley found my camera and took about 30 pictures of the wall, the floor etc. I came across this one and thought it was so cute, his little foot! I actually should be really mad because while he was taking these pictures, he dropped my camera and broke it. The battery door won't stay closed now w/o tape...the little rascal!!! At least the camera itself still works I guess! That is about it for now...until next post, BYE!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Host

So I just got done reading Stephenie Meyer's new book called "The Host". It was quite interesting and VERY creative! If you don't know what its about, it like a Sci-fi book for people who are not into Si-fi (or so that is what her web page says). It's about a girl who has an alien "invade" her body but the girls mind is still alive, and it is written from the alien's perspective! Okay, I know what you are thinking....but read it for yourself and then judge it! It's actually pretty awesome, a tad slow in some parts but I recommend it!! Has anyone read it yet?? Let me know what you all think when (and if) you read it!!! :0) It was very entertaining. I now actually have to take care of my kids now and clean the house. I have been doing nothing but reading the last few days!! YIKES!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Since we have been home from our trip we have been so busy...
*I have been to enrichment and book club and a dinner party
*Tyler and Taya came for a night (way fun...Sammer wouldn't be in my picture) :0(
*We bought a lawn mower (much needed...see the forest we were growing?)
*I got a facial (if you have never had one, I highly recommend it!!)
*Wes ran into a moving car in the Home Depot parking lot (don't worry, he is totally fine, more later on that)
*Got stuff to make a garden
*Aaron cut a tree down in our front yard with a chain saw
*Aaron went to Seattle for a business trip from Sunday-Tuesday
*Been to the park 2 or 3 times (the weather is finally getting nice!)
*Sydnie had a Kindergarten round up (which is like a pre-screening of what they know etc) She is extremely excited to start!
*Today I woke up to an excavator in my front yard. The people next door and putting in a water main and therefore a tearing up the front part of our front yard to put it in....
We are doing really well! We have had a lot going on, I don't mind cuzz I like to be busy!!!! This weekend I am getting a pedicure...I am WAY excited!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Utah Fun

We had such a fun time in Utah! We drove 11 hours and the kids did great! We got to celebrate a birthday (Lucy's), go shopping at bargain stores, Down East Home, Ikea, eat, chat with family (OF COURSE), go to BYU graduation, go to the Aviary in Salt Lake, eat lunch at a park, have a YUMMY BBQ and all the while mess up Betsy's (Aaron's sister) house!! We had soooo much fun and we LOVE being with and seeing family!!! Aaron's WHOLE family was there and it was just really nice to see everyone and their cute kids. Thanks to Laurie for taking so many pictures for me...if you would like to see the pictures go to this site...too many to post here!


Thank sooooooo much Bets and Dustin for letting us thrash your house and for being so nice!!! We love you ALLLLL, family!

SIDE NOTE: Can some one help me...I tried to post the photobucket pictures to Blogger and the pictures we so big, you couldn't see anything but a little corner of them. I even shrunk them and all!! I have done it before but can't remember what I did!!!