Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Man of Many Names

I don't know what it is with nicknames in my house, but they are free flowing (meaning there are many). This cute little dude has had about 50, most which revolve around Coco. Coco-Nut, Coco-Puff, Coco-Krispy etc. Then there is Tiny, Tiny Sir, Coke, Cokey, Colty Man etc. I love creating nicknames because I for one, love when people call me by my nickname (Shoonie) because it means they are comfortable around me. Hopefully Colton will know his REAL name by Kindergarten! :)
These photos were too cute NOT to post...

Hi my names is Colton and I have a rubber neck!! HAHA!

The kids know how to pull some weird faces, and they have been asking me to put these crazy ones up...Despite their weirdness, they really are good sweet kids!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Blanket Bonanza!

Each time I have a kid, I make a special fleece blanket for them. Just the easy kind that you tie, on 2 ends and sew on the others. Four kids and four "special" blankets later, here is the result. I just got done making Colton's on Saturday. I am not one that has the talents pouring in. I don't have musical talent, not good at public speaking, leading a group, decorating, etc. but I CAN make a MEAN blanket! Let me know if you would like one ;) I think this is the first time I tried to take a pic of all the kids together. It was hard!

Coco has the cutest smile, but it is hard to get it on camera...here is mine and Wes's attempt to capture it!! WE LOVE HIM!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Noteworthy Events

Colton turns 2 months old

1st day of school for Syd (2nd grade) and Wes (Kindergarten). So grown up...sniff.

A visit to Great Grandpa Paul (Aaron's Grandpa). This is very special because this is my kids ONLY living great grandparent and Sydnie and Wesley will remember him from this visit! It was so nice to see him.

Colton was blessed at church Sept. 6th. Aaron's parents, brother, and sister with her family got to be here for this special event. We got to spend the weekend with family, eating and talking. We visited great grandpa, then drove back to Spokane and ate yummy pizza and swam at the pool at the hotel, that was a big hit with the kids! I heart family! Thanks to friends and family near and far for coming to Colton's day!

This is Coco on his blessing day, but I failed to get him in his church clothes. Actually, I never put my kids in "white clothes" for their blessings, not a big fan (plus I am cheap).

Also, this past week (not pictured) my friend Emily and I canned 16 jars of salsa and 24 jars of peaches! YUM!