Monday, July 30, 2007

Swimmer Gal

Swimmin in the lake

Sitting Duck

Wes at Lake Couer d'Alene

Spokane Indians Game!!!

A guys at Aaron's work gave us tickets to a Spokane Indians game. We didn't know till we got there the were front row pretty much right in back of the catcher! Perfect seats!

Laughing our heads off!

At Applebees!

Group DATE!

Our two sets of best friends live within a mile of us so we finally all went out together WITHOUT kids (thanks Abby!!). We went to Wal Mart and bought presents for eachother (each spouse bought for the other) and then we went to half price appetizers at Applebees (after 9:00 they are half price). It was SUPER fun! My present from Aaron was chapstick and nail polish! Thanks HONEY!

Super Syd!

At Julies!!!


I love this pic of WES it is soooo his personality! I visited my friend Julie in Pullman last week and here we are playing around at her house!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I am happy because....

We have had a fun week. Let me tell you all what we did.

1. Monday: We went swimming in the local pool (my kids are TOTALLY into swimming)

2. Tuesday: Went to the park and play in the fountian (there is a cool water feature that tons of kids can play under and run through) We usually do this once a week.

3. Wednseday: Went swimming at my friends aunts pool (really REALLY nice pool)

4. Thursday: Picked raspberries at Greenbluff (YUM) and then went to book club that night. We read Evening Class (thanks Carrie for the referal). Everyone seemed to like it, I was relieved since it was my selection.

5. Friday: Made a few jars of rasperry jam and went to Lake Couer'd Alene and had a picnic and went swimming in the lake. I have also been reading Harry Potter all week (of course) but it was hard because I had to finish my book club book first!

6. Saturday: Read a lot of HP (well I am now to page 400) and went grocery shopping at Wal Mart. (I know REALLY exciting). Aaron went fishing with his freind this morning but didn't catch anything...he still had fun.

That is it for the week but it sure has been fun. The weather has been pretty hot (upper 90's) so it is fun to always be swimming or getting coolded off. Wes sure has been a grump lately. I am cutting out his naps (because I am sick of him going to bed after 10 every night) but he sure is tired by the time 4 or 5:00 rolls around! YIKES! Poor Aaron was stuck at work all week while the kids and I got to play! We have a lot more funs stuff planned my parents and my sister are coming, we are going camping, going to Silverwood etc! I love the summer time...don't ever changes seasons! (I do like fall too!)

Friday, July 20, 2007


You know kids say the darnest things. Wes is starting so say so many funny things and I feel like I am always laughing at between witty Sydnie and silly Wesley

A few things Wes Says:

1. I ask him what is favorte part of the day when I am tucking him in at night and he usually says the "blue one" (which makes no sence, but he is really trying to find an answer) or he will say that daddy is his favorite part (awww, sweet).

2. He ALWAYS said "hey mom...I LOVE YOU." It really melts my heart and then after all the messes he makes and frustration he causes, I love him all over again!

A few things Syd has said:

1. She was playing with a plastic lizzard and she said this lizzard is dead! I said well, it's okay because it will get reserected, and said this lizzard won't get resurected because he is going to bite Jesus. (haha)

2. I was wearing my retainer one day and talking funny. Syd just kept looking at me and then she finally said, Mom does that retainer help you speak Spanish?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Don't forget to smell the flowers!

I have been thinking a lot lately how wonderful and precious life is. A lot of things have happened to close friends and neighbors lately and it really makes me pause to cherish the moments and really appreciate the gospel. Two of mine and Aaron's friends recently were divorced and that was a big blow! Satan really knows how to work his power on our weaknesses!

Secondly, my good friend (who lives across the grass from me) has just been through sooo much drama with her husband and the court and some crimes that he had commited a few years ago. Her husband is now in jail and they have 3 children. I know her husband personally and he is such a nice, strong, changed man, it really saddens me to see this happen. On the other hand, he broke the law and therefore, should not get special treatment. This has been such an earth shaking expierience for us. It's always on my mind. It makes me greatful for the gift of the attonement and the chance that he (as well as all of us) can truely repent!

My old roommate emailed me the other day and said that her mom had a massive stroke and died suddenly! What a shock it was to all of us. She was in really good health (excpet for being over weight) and all of a sudden she is gone! This makes me really greatful for the plan of salvation and for the knowledge that we have of life after death! Can you imagine what it would feel like to think that we would NEVER be with our loved ones again?

The purpose of this is not really to complain, but to express the graditude I have to the gospel, friends, church, neighbors and supporters. I have really been thinking about life a lot and how wonderful it can be if we stop to smell the flowers and enjoy the little things, and take the big burdens in stride as they come!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Camping near Canada!

I actually didn't jump off this rock because the water was too looks good though right?

Aaron Jumping

Cute Wes...he's the man

Syd and mom (I put make up on her and she thought she was the coolest thing on earth!)