Tuesday, March 25, 2008

He's a big boy now!

Without being too "graphic" I had to blog about Wes getting potty trained! We kept telling him that after his birthday his diapers were going to "disappear" and so he had been warned. The someone gave me the great idea of the diaper fairy (can't remember who, but thank you whoever you are...was it MASON??). The diaper fairy came in the middle of the night and took all the rest of Wesley's diapers away! The next morning his was not happy and HAD to wear his big boy underwear, much to his dismay. He had like 10 accidents and I so I pretty much thought it was hopeless. Right before bed he went in the toilet!!! WAHOO, it was a miracle!! He stayed dry all night and went potty like a pro ALL the next day!! Something just clicked and I am so happy! He has had a few accidents but does REALLY well! I am so happy I don't have to buy anymore diapers (well, at least until August) and I am SO happy I don't have to change those foul diapers any more!!! SICK! Way to go Wes! Here he is on his little potty out in the front room!

Also, of course I had to post a picture of our egg dying! We had six kids over dying eggs. They did really well until they hid them down stairs. I seriously had smashed boiled eggs all over the basement with lots of shells. I have found 2 whole ones down there since the "hunt" I am glad I found them before they went rotten!!!!! WHEW! Hope you all had a happy Easter!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We are having a......

Monkey!! Well, the pictures look like a monkey!! It's a BOY!!!! We are sooo excited and so are the kids. The ultra-sound lady said we have a VERY active child because he was moving ALL over the place and couldn't get good pictures! Uh oh, not really what we wanted to hear. Everything looks good and we are very happy (especially Aaron)! So we had regular ultrasound pics and then we had the 4-D ones, which if you don't know, it's like 3-D just 360 degrees making it 4-D. They are a little scary because the it makes the baby look alien-ish, but it is cool too. So here are 2 the pictures we got today (we got like 25 pics!). The black and white one is his feet, obviously, I thought they were sooo cute and the one that look like clay is the 4-D one and is his face. See, he resembles a monkey!? Again, sorry the pic quality is AWFUL, I don't have a scanner.

Side note: Don't forget to scroll down to look at Wes's b-day. Poor Wes, middle child, got overshadowed by his younger brother already!

Happy 3rd B-day Wes!

Wesley turned 3 yesterday (the 18th). We celebrated on Sunday so Aaron could be there too, since he is knee deep in tax season every other night. We opened presents and ate yummy cake (sorry no creative cake this time, just boring old plain cake, but it was yummy). He is a pretty fun boy but seriously, since Sunday he has been acting up such as: running away from me in the store, parking lots (which is SCARY) talking back, yelling, being mean to his sister and friends etc. I think we have terrible 3's too. He sure is cute though and has a really really funny personality. He is a jokester. He likes to laugh and make others laugh. His new thing is putting something down right under you when you sit down, like his hand, or a book or something to make you sit on it. We love you Wes!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Sunday morning was the day to turn our clocks foreword and I had been thinking about that all week, up until Saturday. Somehow it completely escaped my mind. So we woke up Sunday morning and we were getting ready for church and getting ready to take Aaron's cousin and husband to the airport (right before church). So I was in the shower at 8:00 and Aaron said "Oh my goodness, church starts now because it is REALLY 9:00!

So just then Shannon and Dave knock on the door, ready to go to the airport!!! YIKES. I threw my clothes on and answered the door. Sydnie was still sleeping, Aaron was in the shower, AND the house was the biggest mess that it had been in for WEEKS (I mean it, I am not just saying that-complete and udder mess!!). So I quickly got ready for church and then left Aaron to get the kids ready for church. Needless to say I was TOTALLY embarrassed because not only had we forgotten about the time change, but the house was in total disarray. And I was also I offered them on a tour-BIG MISTAKE!!! If you know me at all, you know I like to have things clean especially when people are coming over for the first time!!

Well we made it to the airport (early, even) and then I got back in time to pick up Aaron and the kids and we were only an hour late for church! YEAH! Of course Shannon and Dave said they didn't care what our house looked like (you guys ROCK!) but MAN, I did!! And of course, it's family and I think they still like us despite of how LAME we are!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Honey is funny!

Aaron is pretty "famous" for his sleep walking AND sleep talking. Last night was no exception. I woke up at 3:30 am and I saw the bathroom light on. Then I heard the shower on. I was was like "what the heck is he doing taking a shower at 3:30 in the morning?" So when he got out I asked him what he was up to. He said he woke up and thought it was time to go to work so he was getting ready to go. (I'm not really sure why he woke up and thought it was time to go, his alarm was set for 6:30 and his clock had the right time on it). He didn't even realize it was so early until I told him that it was. So he proceeded to go back to sleep until 7:00. When he woke up then, he didn't need to take a shower because that had already been done! HA HA, he cracks me up! If you want to know more about OTHER choice sleep walking and taking, just ask me, there is a lot to chose from! (This picture of him is from Thanksgiving, I guess he really like deviled eggs!)

Monday, March 3, 2008

My baby is 5!!

Ok, so she is not really my baby (but she always will be, ya know). Yesterday (the 2nd) Syd turned the big 5. We just went to church and then had a little party over here last night. We ate yummy calzones, and then I made her a mermaid cake (lets just say it was NOT professional at all) but Sydnie LOVED it. Then we ate and open presents. She was the happiest girl. I still can't believe that I am the mother of a 5 year old! I think a good time was had by all!