Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's Raining Pictures...

A bit of out-takes

 Look up there!!
 Face pull

 Getting really impatient with mom...but I loved it anyway

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Spring/Summer Lovin'

In May, Aaron's brother Danner, was married to the most darling girl, Kelsi.  They were married in the Seattle Temple and we were able to go celebrate the festivities with friends and family.  Let me tell you, it was ONE BIG PARTY!  It was a smashing good time for all in attendance.  It was a great excuse to have a HUGE family reunion with cousins and family we haven't seen in a while.  Lets just say there was a lot of dancing, craziness, chocolate covered strawberry eating, and plenty of talking and catching up during the reception.  The day was perfect, full of love, laughs and GREAT memories.  Congrats to
one of the cutest couples I know!

 Boy happy!
 The "littles" wedding party
 All the siblings...
 Baby Russ got to be at the wedding when he was just 2 weeks old!
 Our attempt at the grandchildren pics...
 As you can tell, the babies were THRILLED.
 Had to keep ourselves busy between the wedding and reception,  Aaron and Miki...
 These girl cousins were inseparable all day, and having the time of their lives.
 Wes took this pic, but I thought it was too cute NOT to throw in.

Switching is Colton at Syd's recorder concert.
 Sydnie had a solo at her recorder concert.  She did GREAT!
 The proud dad, after the concert.
Aaron also had a Birthday in between here, but sadly, no pics.  Happy B-day Studly!
3 men in a tub
 We have been fishing a lot with dad/Aaron on the Coeur d'Alene river.  It's beautiful country, complete with butterflies, fish, and lots of rocks to throw in the river.
 The avid fisherman.  He sure is cute!
 Lazy summer morning of playing games on the phones...
 Coco had a Birthday!  Happy 2nd lil' dude!
 Dirty faced Coco, showing that he is, in fact 2 years old!
I also wanted to add (because I have no pics) my friend had a baby (homebirth) and invited me over to witness the birth.  She had him in a birth pool.  It was fascinating and incredible, and such a spiritual experience.  Welcome to the world baby Ezra!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Sisters weekend out, may have been the best, most relaxing weekend in history (well, since the LAST sisters reunion).  We met in Phoenix this time and stayed at the Sumpter residence.  What awesome hosts, and generous sisters I have.  Our activities consisted of talking, going out to dinner, talking, staying up late, chatting, visiting temples, botanical gardens, picnic, visiting with some dear cousins, chatting, lazing by the pool, pizza place complete with an ENORMOUS pipe organ, visiting, eating donuts (Lindsey family favorite), great food and better company!  Steve (Karen's hubby) was so patient and so nice to deal with our estrogen loaded weekend.  It always suprises me how well we all get along (although it shoulnd't because, we ALWAYS do).  There is no drama in my family and that is what I think I love most about them!!!!!
Girl Power! 
 Gilbert Temple, in the works...
 Dear sweet cousin, Megan.  We could have chatted for 24 more hours, easy! (CHEESY of me)
 CUTE nieces
 Baby nephew Levi.  LOVE!
 Pipe organ player.  A.mazing
 The crew at the pizza place
I missed the kids, but only a little bit.  They were so busy with Aaron, they didn't even have time to miss me!  What a blessed mom, sister, and wife I am!  Aaron was a GREAT Mr. Mom!  Until 2 years my sisters!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April-ish Actvities

 We went rock climbing at the local gym.  The kids did great.  They even got their mom to try it (sorry these pics are dark,  you will have to enlarge to see).
 Looking STRAIGHT up...
 Syd really high up
 Dad and Syd
 Wes, showin off his moves
 Landon and Colton did a lot of this
 For Easter, we went to Aunt Carrie and Uncle Tyler's house.  Got to see grandma and grandpa and the happy couple (who are getting married soon!)
 Coco and Kelsi
 Uncle D, cracking toes

 Tractor rides
 Easter egg hunt
 Movie time
 Coco and Lila are cute little buddies!  They make me crack up.

My boys!!!