Monday, February 11, 2008

Sweet Sydnie!

SO, Wesley drew on the walls the other day with crayon so yesterday Sydnie and I went to scrub it off with the handy magic eraser. Sydnie REALLY likes using the magic eraser and watching the crayon disapear. So I let her scrub for a while, so I left for 5 minutes and then came back in the room. She was just sitting there and the crayon was still on the wall. Here is our conversation:
ME: Where the scrubber (repeated 4 times)
SYD: I don't know (repeated 4 times) maybe we can us the other one since I can't find the one I was just using.
ME: You needed to tell me the truth on what really happened.

She finally got HUGE tears in her eyes and says:

Oh mom, I accidentally ripped it in half!! She proceeded to cry her eyes out! She showed me where it was (which was in the garbage) and when I found it, there was scotch tape all around it. She had tried to tape it back together so I wouldn't know!! My heart broke and with a lump in my throat said Oh Sydnie you are not in trouble AT ALL, I am not mad you just need to tell the truth the first time. She said "okay mom" through her sobbs! Even though I wasn't mad in the slightest but, I was thinking am I really that mean that she would think I would be so furious over a magic eraser ripping!!? I made a new goal last night to make such a big deal about inconsequential things! My sweet Sydnie humbled me!


Megan said...

Oh, that's sweet. There's a couple things we ask Porter to do and when he forgets, which he does, and I ask him about it, he thinks he's in trouble, even though he's not. But he gets sad too. So now if it's something we need to know, and he's not in trouble regardless, we'll tell him when we ask. Port and Syd must be the same age! Oh wait....they are! :)

BTW - the other day randomly, James said, "you should tell Aaron and Shannon to move to Arizona. I like them." :)

Lacey said...

That is so sad, and completely adorable! Kids really do have a way of making us see our faults. The other day I spanked Jenna for using permanant marker all over the bathroom (including the toilet seat and bathtub) and sat her in time out. Later that day she accidently spilled her juice all over the floor, looked up at me and said, "Mommy! Don't hit Jenna!" Though my tears I explained that you never get in trouble for accidents... but I have learned my lesson too! They really are so sweet!

Lacey said...

Little tip... I was sent an email about the magic erasers a while back, showing pictures of kids who had rubbed their arms and faces with it when their mom wasn't looking and it gave the kids bad chemical burns! I love the magic eraser but beware.
I love your blog! How did you get such a cute background?

Megan said...

What sweetness. I love it.

The Hammond Holler! said...

I think that's a good goal we can all set for ourselves. DONT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. Good lesson learned!


Carrie said...

I always say that my kids are my ticket into Heaven, I learn so much from them and they help me every day be more like our Savior! I loved the tape, trying to make it right. So cute. Loves to Syd!

Matt, Shaila, Malcolm and Quinn said...

Oh, that's so sad, and sweet at the same time. Sydnie is such a beautiful little girl!!