Thursday, March 13, 2008


Sunday morning was the day to turn our clocks foreword and I had been thinking about that all week, up until Saturday. Somehow it completely escaped my mind. So we woke up Sunday morning and we were getting ready for church and getting ready to take Aaron's cousin and husband to the airport (right before church). So I was in the shower at 8:00 and Aaron said "Oh my goodness, church starts now because it is REALLY 9:00!

So just then Shannon and Dave knock on the door, ready to go to the airport!!! YIKES. I threw my clothes on and answered the door. Sydnie was still sleeping, Aaron was in the shower, AND the house was the biggest mess that it had been in for WEEKS (I mean it, I am not just saying that-complete and udder mess!!). So I quickly got ready for church and then left Aaron to get the kids ready for church. Needless to say I was TOTALLY embarrassed because not only had we forgotten about the time change, but the house was in total disarray. And I was also I offered them on a tour-BIG MISTAKE!!! If you know me at all, you know I like to have things clean especially when people are coming over for the first time!!

Well we made it to the airport (early, even) and then I got back in time to pick up Aaron and the kids and we were only an hour late for church! YEAH! Of course Shannon and Dave said they didn't care what our house looked like (you guys ROCK!) but MAN, I did!! And of course, it's family and I think they still like us despite of how LAME we are!


Taya said...

Oh Man!! Crazy day for you guys! Luckly Tyler remembered the night before when we were writing our talks (yes we spoke in church last sunday) we were hoping people might forget so that there were less people to speak in front Just kidding. We made it on time after having to wake the kids up and scramble to get them ready! Our talks went well though! Oh and we miss you guys too! We are thinking that maybe we could stop by in May (if we get to go over to Shannon's graduation) and stay with you guys?? Maybe. I will call soon and we can chat about it.

The Hardy Boys...and Me said...

I've forgotten the time change before. It made me late for work, but luckily I was just in training at the time. I know how you feel about showing people your house when it's messy! That is totally my worst fear whenever my house is messy, someone will show up! Generally that always happens too! UGH

Shannon J said...

Oh please don't feel embarrassed about it! Your house wasn't a mess, it was just lived in!

You should see our apartment most of the's a mess! When people come over unexpected (which I don't mind) I always have to scramble to clean the place up.

Thanks again for the ride!

Carrie said...

#1- I'm totally like you Shan. My house has to be spotless if people stop by. I've told lots of friends to call first and our good friends that live up the street do!!! I'm a control FREAK!! Shan J, how do I get to the point where I don't care???

#2- We totally forgot about the time change too. We got there during the sacrament hymn, but since Tyler's in a wheelchair, we really need to be there early to sit some place adequate and out of the way... needless to say, I was scrambling all morning since I had to get EVERYONE ready... Hopefully we're more prepared next sunday!

Shannon J said...

I say I don't mind because it doesn't happen very often, so it's a "nice suprise." If it happened more often I might care more.

The Kay Family said...

Rotten luck, I say. It's true though, that when your house is a disaster, you always have someone stop by. At least you *tried* to remember the time change, that counts right?

Megan said...

Carrie - I had a friend who ALWAYS had a clean house when I went there. I could ALWAYS see lines in the carpet. I was starting to think that all she did was clean her house! It's comforting for me to go into a house where there are some toys out, laundry folded on the couch or whatever. At least I know people live there and play there! :) So that makes me feel better about my house not always being spotless when people stop by.

Megan said...

Ah how comforting to know that not everyone keeps their house sparkling all the time. Thanks for the reminder that we're all human. ;)
As for the time should just move to Arizona...we don't ever change our time. No daylight savings here! :)