Friday, June 6, 2008

This n that

Wes has been into Spiderman for the past year and I guess the other day he wanted a "Web" drawn on his face, so Sydnie took it upon herself to do the masterpiece! I saw him and started laughing so hard, I had to take a picture. Then I proceeded to tell both of them that we should probably stick to drawing on paper. You can see Syd in the background of the picture, looking guilty. Luckily it was just ball point pen.

Also Syd's preschool put on an AWESOME carnival last week. There were all kinds of things such as a waterslide, dunking booth, jump castles, carnival games, free hot dogs, hamburgers, cotton candy and popcorn!! The kids and I spent about 3+ hours there and Aaron met us there after work! Free dinner and entertainment...CAN"T BEAT THAT!!

Lastly, we PLANTED our garden the other day (the last post we had just got the planters all ready). Here is what we planted: 3 kinds of tomatoes, carrots, green onions, beans, peas, 2 different peppers, cucumbers and I think that is it. We REALLY wanted a salsa garden, so hopefully that can happen!!!! PLEASE GROW PLEASE GROW! The kids had a BLAST helping us dig, plant, water etc. FUN FUN FUN!


Bowles said...

Wow, Super fun carnival for preschool! I am amazed at the energy you have to do all this gardening and playing. Well done you. I hope your garden grows wonderfully.
Have a good one!

Megan said...

Fun!! I love all the pics....LOVE the pic of Wes. Makes me feel better about my hair cutting events this week! I keep finding more spots where Katie took pieces out!

Love the garden....I'm curious about desert gardening. Not sure how much grows here! :) Good luck!

The Hardy Boys...and Me said...

Such a funny picture of Wesley!!

What a fun preschool! How fun to have a free carnival!

What an awesome garden. I'm craving fresh veggies now!! Good luck with it!

Nygards said...

love the picture of Wes. We really need to hangout. Eric finishes class this week. I will try to give you a call. How are you feeling? Hope you're doing great!

The Huston Herd said...

Super fun carnival! And FREE!! I love your little garden, way to go Mrs. Ambitious!

Kristen said...

wow, your garden sounds awesome!

Hawks Family said...

I love checking in on you and your family, Can we come over for some home grown salsa? I love the garden.


I remember your awesome salsa - when you were newlyweds, you invited us over to help you eat a big bowl of salsa. Really yummy! You should post your recipe...or at least sell it to me! Also, my brother LOVED Spiderman so much, too. He often drew the webs on his chest, and my mom would draw them on his back, as long as he promised not to draw them on his face. He kept the promise most of the time!!
We miss you!