Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's about time, YA THINK?

We have been really busy these last few weeks, so I am finally getting around to an update. First off, we got a little kiddie pool at a yard sale and just in the nick of time. It has been so hot here, the kids have been going in everyday (along with Aaron and me).

Second, our friends from Pullman just had a baby and they came last week to visit us for the day! Sydnie was OBSESSED with the baby (her name is Jazlynn). I think she will be a big help when her brother comes.

3rd I made strawberry jam (pictures to come). It turned out YUMMY!!!

4th we went to Ellensburg (for those that don't know, it's right in the middle of the state) for the 4th of July where Carrie and Tyler (Aaron's sis and hubby) live. It's a tiny town it's only three hours away and they just moved there!!! is moving closer HAPPY DAY. We met Aaron's parents over there on the 4th and made some MORE strawberry jam (Carrie bought 58 lbs of strawberries), talked, ate, played, the boys went fishing, and then it was off to the "park" for dinner, carnival type games and fireworks. It was a great production put on by Tyler's work. The only problem is that it was SOOOOO windy, which made it REALLY cold when the sun went down. The kids had a blast jumping in the jump castles, running around, playing with Uncle Danner, who got beat up repeatedly, face painting, dancing to the REALLY loud music, and Sydnie even got to ride on the mechanical bull which NO ONE got to see except Danner, so I have no pictures! :0( WAHHH. He said she did really well though. The fireworks were really good for such a small town and all the kids TOTALLY loved it. I used to have the BIGGEST fear of fireworks when I was little, I guess it was too loud for me, but our kids didn't have that problem at all!

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Theriault Family said...

sounds like a fun, but busy time for you guys. wesley and sydnie are almost the same height! do people ask if their twins? how are you feeling? you are getting sooooo close! that's nice syd is such a great helper (or will be!)