Thursday, August 28, 2008

100th Post!

We were in Seattle last week to visit family and it was soo much fun!! We stayed at the in laws house and then half way though the week went to Carrie's (sis-in laws). My kids had soooo much fun seeing grandma and of course their cousins. All six of the cousins were there at the same time (3 boys 3 girls) These are some of the things we did;
Edmonds Beach
Swimming at the community pool
Bowling (the mom's got the same score as the kids....we weren't so good at the bowling thing)
Jetty Island (if you never been, I highly recommend it! WAY FUN!)
Watched Strictly Ballroom
Went to Mama Mia (LOVED IT, thanks Bets)
Chatted with the peeps
Thanks to everyone who helped me keep my kids in line when Aaron had to go home to work and I was busy with Landon. We had so much fun and we love you!!!


Ryan & Megan said...

You have too much time on your hands! We miss you guys! Ryan

MegThur said...

Those are some really cute pics, I LOOOVE the bowling ball one! Too cute...

Janet said...

those are some cute pics. i love the one of syd at the beach running through moss?? or something... it's a really cool picture. your kids are adorably cute... where's one of landon? i need to see him! i think i will call you too.

The Kay Family said...

I just can't get over Syd's cute short hair!! It is so darling!! Looks like a fun adventure. . . we've never been but it seems like some place we would love to go when we get to WA. Hope you are all doing well!

Stefani Meyer said...

I loved Mama Mia too! Your kiddos are the CA-UTEST!