Saturday, January 10, 2009


We were driving home from Seattle last night and we see and smell a dead skunk on the road and Aaron's and Sydnie have this conversation:

Syd: WHY does it still stink, he is dead?

Aaron: Well...a skunk has a bag of smell and when he got hit that bag broke and went all over the road.

Syd: oh, okay

me: CRACKING up!


Stefani said...

I sometimes have a bag of stink too - you know, before I shower:)

We had 2 dead skunks in the road by us (within 1/4 mile of each other) and we could hardly drive by with out being permanently stinkified. Kelsi was telling me they were migrating. We were picturing skunks flying off the sides of our car as we drove by "the migration area". LOL!

Janet said...

a bag of smell, huh? hilar!

The Hammond Holler! said...

Hey Shannon. Great pic's! Wasn't that snow crazy? So are you guys all settled in? Where are you exactly?