Sunday, May 31, 2009

Party on Wayne!!!!

Go Aaron go!!!

Wes and Landon (with his girlfriend, they are 5 weeks apart). I don't know what triggers the hilarity of his face, but it cracks me right up!!! Trying to impress the ladies I guess!

My little jumping fish!

We swam and played for a good 5 hours and Landon fell asleep before we even pulled out of the driveway!

It's finally warm here on the Eastern side of the state and we celebrated by SWIMMING! Our friends invited us to THEIR friends house who have an awesome pool. Here are the pics of the festivities! The Arizonians reading this are thinking "Swimming! We do this everyday!" I wish we could! We would if we lived there! My kids LOVE the water, especially Sydnie! :0) We chatted, swam, and of course ate delicious food (BBQ ribs and a smoked roast) Side note: Aaron now wants a smoker-they are only $700-HA! Sydnie and I are the only ones that got sunburned, but only minor burns! What a fun filled day in the sun! I am a true Californian-nothing is better than playin in the sun!!


Kristen said...

Looks like fun. When are you moving?

Stefani said...

Party on Garth!!! It hasn't been warm enough to swim here yet either. that's ok, schools not out yet anyway. I love the picture of Landi and his g-friend.

karensumpter said...

Landon looks like a fun kid and I love the crazy face!

Megan said...

Super fun!!! Swimming is always fun no matter where you live! Love Landon's face - what a flirt!

Janet said...

i love landon's face too and even more, the look his g-friend is giving him! like, "what the heck are you doing??"

hahaha... sounds like a fun day in the sun!

Joe and Julie said...

So Washington is ready for parties now that spring has arrived! Good deal.

AND... $700 for a smoker!!! "I didn't pay that much for my first car!"