Tuesday, September 8, 2009

FDOS 2009

It's my baby's first day of 1st grade! WOW! That is all I can say...WOW! It's going to to be quiet here for 7 hours with out Syd around. Her teachers names are (yes, she has 2) Ms. Miller and Ms. Brink and they seem really nice! I have had ONE excited girl for the past few weeks. I am glad school FINALLY started! Poor Wes is gonna be pretty bored. I am trying to find him a nice preschool to go to. We will see!


Yesterday Carrie (Aaron's sister) and I turned 56 lbs of tomatoes into DELICIOUS salsa! I think we got around 44 jars (?) I have to say TONS of work but SOOO worth it! It turned out soo good! We have no pics of this but thought it was blog worthy! Lets not do it again for a long time OKAY Carrie!? How bout 2 years when we are all out!?


Hilary said...

Would you mind sharing your recipe? I attempted it last year, but we didn't love it, and are still trying to finish it before we make more.

Tyler said...

Yes, lets wait a couple of years... although I was thinking next year could be salsa verde and black bean and corn salsa... but then I got real.

Glad Syd got off to school okay. Such a cute girl! Hope she has fun!

Julie Suzanne & Alexis Suzanne said...

YUMMMMOOO!!! I want some! Or your recipe!??!?!

Alexis is enjoying school, too. She says her favorite part is 3 RECESS'!

Kris said...

Wow, that is ALOT of tomatoes. YUM!

gma said...

What a beautiful girl you are Syndie Banks. Have a great year!

Stefani said...

Syd! Stop growing!! I love you! You're AWESOME!!