Sunday, October 25, 2009

Octoberish Activities

The kids, just being crazy kids.
Landon got his first buzz cut, courtesy of his father, since I am not a fan of "mullets" (not sure if anyone should be a mullet fan)
October Sky
The boys on the (soggy) pumpkin farm. Sure has been raining a lot here. You would think we live in Seattle or something...
Can you tell whose is whose??
From left to right Sydnie's, Landon's, Wesley's. Happy Haunting!!


Stefani said...

Cute! I love when you post pictures of some of my favorite people.

karensumpter said...

In the picture of the 3 kids together, I think Wes looks like Aaron. My favorite pumpkin is goofy looking one in the middle:)

The Hammond Holler! said...

Hey cute pictures! Landon is such a cute T!! There's nothing like that first hair cut when they look so much older and you realize how fast they really do grow!

The Kay Family said...

Cute, cute, kids!! I loved reading your update.