Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hug a Kid

Today my friend and I made a trip to the mall with 6 kids to play at the squishy (and germ infected) play place. It was overflowing with people and kids of all ages, since there was no school: Veterans Day. Thirty minutes after arriving, a lady stands up and starts searching for her child. She was just ignored for a bit but then, she started getting frantic. She couldn't find her daughter. She started screaming her name and running up and down the mall. When she came back around to the play area, with no luck, EVERYONE at the play place bolted into action. We were all quizzing her name, age, what she was wearing etc. We found out she 22 months old! SO YOUNG! There was a major search party heading around the mall, people running in and out of stores and asking EVERY passer-by if they had seen a lost little girl. By this time the mother is HYSTERICAL, and rightfully so! (it had been about 15-20 min)

As I watched this young mother so frantic and scared, my heart ached for her. I could not fathom the idea of losing one of my babies. Not knowing who they might be with, if they were scared, if they were know, those kind of thoughts. The bad ones. The worse case senrio ones. I have been a bit on the negative side lately, in dealing with my children. I have felt, overwhelmed, under appreciated, burned out, ungrateful, not to mention very selfish, this past week. Today those negatives were wiped clean as I watched this mom deal with such panic and pain.

Back to the story...30 minutes, start to finish, the little girl was found, happy as a clam, in The Disney Store. The reunion between mother and daughter was BEAUTIFUL. The mother bawled and bawled (I could hear her halfway down the mall.) The little girl just held still in her arms, and hugged her mother tight. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and then hugged their own children.

As I have thought about this incident the remainder of the day, I have thought about all of the joy my children bring me. They are amazing spirits, who are smart, witty, fun, innocent, positive, HILARIOUS etc. I need to take some lessons from them in the positive category. I have got my little family and that matters MOST in the whole world. Literally.

I also have to say, on another note, I was very impressed by the other parents in the mall. Every single person was ready to help and jump right into action. They were genuinely concerned for this mother and daughter and helped until the end! Impressive Lynnwood, impressive!

Love these people!


Stefani said...

Bawling here! Thanks for posting this! I don't know if it makes you feel better or worse to know that I still feel overworked and under appreciated. But it doesn't really matter as long as your family is safe and healthy. I'm going, right now, to hug my only kid still left at home this morning.

Lindseys said...

Great post, Shannon. It makes you take a minute to be thankful for your kids.


Tyler said...

Man have I been there done that. I remember hyperventaliting in the car on our way home when Lainey walked out of the house while she was being watched by a sitter. And we got home and the sitter insisted that since she was found we should go out anyway, but I just didn't want to leave her!!!! Ugh, horrible day. Sometimes don't you wish that perspective didn't come from such terrifying circumstances?

Tyler said...

Oops, that was Carrie!

Megan said...

Loved this. Thanks Shan. I felt panic for that mom just reading this!

MegThur said...

Yes thanks for posting Shan, I have been far too negative lately too... Last week I found a 3 yr old riding a razor in the street in out complex, he was all by himself and headed across the busy street towards Safeway! I stopped him and was able to find his parents, who where screaming and running everywhere for him. I was so glad I was there and stopped him, so scary to think what could have happenned!!

bowman family said...

My heart is racing just reading this!! I can't even imagine that mom's fear. I'm glad everything worked out.

Natalie said...

i needed to read this, i think
that poor mama