Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Crazy Mr. Flashlight Head

Wes and Landon are little buddies. They both found headlamps today and tried them out. I didn't have my camera when Lando made FUNNIEST face going cross-eyed trying to look at the light in the middle of his head, MAN it was FUNNY! Excuse the booger nose child of mine, it's cold time at our house. We are all doing well. We are happy it's December. We decorated our tree last night! YAY!


Stefani said...

Is Mr. Flashlight Head like Mr. Napkin Head? (Have you seen The Holiday?) Lol! They are so cute I can't hardly stand it.

Speaking of cute, I got THE cutest pictures of some of THE cutest kids on the planet today! I mean really, it should be a crime to be that cute.

Kris said...

cute! Hey, your floor looks like ours. Is it maple?

The Hammond Holler! said...

So cute! Can u e mail me your address? Christmas cards are going out today and Im not sure we have your current address? THX!