Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fun in Feb

A bed made by Syd and Wes for "baby" Landon

For Valentines day we had some friends come over and frost cupcakes. It was a messy good time!

We went to our favorite local beach and hiked around, and threw rocks in the ocean for hours! Can you see Aaron, Syd, and Wes among the rocks? Wes is camouflaged...

Mr. Rock-Thrower-Man

After this picture he sat down in the water and got soaked and sandy, but had a marvelous time!

Fun with Uncle Danner
Aaron did it again! He made a fly fishing bench/table so he can organize his mess, I mean, materials. This boy has mad carpenter skills!


Lindseys said...

Joseph could throw rocks for hours. He and Landon would get along (unless they started throwing rocks at each other.)

Cool bench Aaron. I agree with Shannon - mad carpenter skills.


Theriault Family said...

i had to hunt for wes in the rock pic! such a fun family outing! i'm definitely impressed with aaron's carpentry skills! and i'm cracking up at lando's baby bed! we have a pic like that here of a bed em made for austin about a month ago. i'll show it to you when you come in 3 DAYS!!!! WOOHOO!!!

karensumpter said...

I love that the fly fishing table is in your bedroom. I was thinking it was in the garage, but then the next picture of it was right next to your bed! Ha Ha!

Joe and Julie said...

You guys live in a good area. Beach close by. Fly fishing close at hand. So when Aaron can't sleep at night he can get up and pursue his hobbie immediately.

Stefani said...

I thought the same thing about the fishing table :D You should paint it pretty colors and put a little skirt on the bottom. I am cracking up at the look on Landon's face in his homemade baby bed. Can't wait to see you!