Thursday, March 25, 2010

Look who's 5!!!

This big ol boy just turned 5 on March 18th.
Five is a big deal to this boy's mom! Not only is it the start of Kindergarten, but it is also the start of MANY memories (that he can ACTUALLY remember). We had 2 parties. One with family and one with 14 friends. I must say a good time was had by all, and the theme of this years presents: Weapons of mass destruction. Wes is REALLY into 1) sports and 2) weapons. He got the latter...
The family party:

The kid party:

Favorite Pics of the day (Thanks to my friend's hubby Jim):

No post is complete w/o a crazy face from Lando

Happy Birthday to my favorite little jokester who is so full of personality, insight and light! Love ya Wes!


Tami and Jared said...

Wow! He is a little Aaron jr.! Is he as crazy as his dad too? I told Jared the other day that we should take a vacation to Seattle this summer. He wants to take the boys to a Mariner's game and I want to see you guys! Unfortunately it might have to wait a year because this summer is already getting packed with weddings, missionary farewells, etc. Boo. OH well - Love ya!

Darrell said...

I secretly am jealous of the guns/bows and arrows. I guess some things don't change from ages 5 to 26.

Lindseys said...

Happy birthday, Wes! We wish you guys lived closer. Ryan had a great time with you at the family reunion.


Kris said...

He is so cute! Glad we get to see you in less than a week

Stefani said...

My baby Wes is all grown up. That first picture is SO handsome. I love all the others too. Especially the girls in the mirror, Landy's face and the cupcake eating one. Brady LOVES WMS! They always seem to be his favorite gifts. Although basketball has been rising quickly on the charts.