Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Little Miss Syd

Since Sydnie is the oldest and the only girl, she is extremely special to her mom! I could not raise four kids and be sane without her because she helps me so much (especially during tax season when Aaron is MIA). She is extremely creative and REALLY good at coming up with games or activities for all those brothers of hers to play (see pics below).

I LOVE the fact that she has such a good attitude about life and I love that she is SO easily excitable! I told her we were going to the store to get her some new socks and she was so excited to go and pick them out! And that is just a little thing. Imagine how she acts when I tell her we are doing something that is REALLY fun! She makes chains, and charts and counts down the days until the event, reminding EVERYONE in the process of how much longer we have etc. Her genuine cheerfulness and happiness over simple pleasures make me so happy and keeps me young at heart!

I also love the fact that she is already making great choices. If she feels uncomfortable in a situation, she will avoid it (or she will tell me about it, hopefully this will be the case for years to come. One can only hope). My only daughter is getting so old and mature. She turns eight March 2, and will be getting baptized April 9th! My goodness, we love her so much!!

This was a game she thought of, whoever can put the money all the way up to the the armpit without laughing, wins!

She keeps Landon entertained for hours. This was one of those times.

She loves to organize. She organized the rubber bands from Wes's rubber band gun and labeled "how well they shoot." If you can't quite read it: Pink=hardest Blue=fastest, Yellow=Stretchiest, Green=fun/easy, Orange=highest

She helps me so much with Colton. He loves her a ton!!


Stefani said...

Oh my gosh! This is the sweetest post EVER! Syd you are a treasure!

Stimpsons said...

Way to go Sydnie. Keep helping your mama. She appreciates it so much.
Aunt Suzie

Janet said...

What a sweetie! You are one lucky mom and she is one lucky kid... ie/ you are both great!

Lindseys said...

Good job, Syd! I love the games you come up with - especially the coins and the arm pit one.


Joe and Julie said...

That's my GRANDDAUGHTER!!! Great post.

bowman family said...

I can not believe that Syd is almost 8!!! Crazy!

Mom Banks said...

You a lovely post! Always very enjoyable.

You are lovely to post about!

Mom Banks said...

Darn it!..Shannon you write a lovely post!

Natalie said...

good grief, this post practically brought a tear to my eye...what a sweetie she is!
(the pix of landon is tdf)

Kristen said...

Landon. Stickers. Oh my gosh! I'm dieing it's so cute

Megan said...

So sweet... gotta love our helpers. I can't believe how grown up she is!