Friday, April 1, 2011


Do you ever wonder when you are stuck in traffic, or driving on the freeway "Where is everyone going?" I am a naturally curious person, and I always wonder things like this. When I see someone buying flowers at the store, I yearn to know who or what they are for? Present? Funeral? Just Because? Apology? I see my neighbors light on at 4:00 am almost every morning (when up feeding the baby) and wonder who in their right mind would be up at this hour, and WHAT are they doing over there?

My street has a plethora of elderly people and three who live close are chain smokers. I see them everyday smoking up a storm on their porches, in their cars AND while doing yard work. One of them has lung cancer and has spent weeks in the hospital. The days she gets back from the hospital she is right back out smoking her life away. If that doesn't make me wonder....why does she do it?

Now curiosity can be a tricky thing. Not to be confused with being nosy, or even judgmental. There is a fine line. I try to just keep it to lighthearted situations.

Sometimes I like to make up scenarios about someone I see in a store or restaurant, (see movie trailer below) all positive and in good fun of course. To sum up, I am a wonderer and people watcher, who likes to know a bit about the curious things in life. I know we are all a bit curious. Now I am curious, what makes you curious!?

p.s.I am not recommending this movie, I just like this scene.


Lindseys said...

That was a funny post, Shannon. Marsha and I love to people watch and make observations about them. We try not to be too judgemental - just observational.

Your neighbor probably wonders what you are doing up at 4 AM as well.

Date Night was a pretty funny movie. Good clip.


Natalie said...

this is funny...i am the same way though...i am always watching the neighbors and wondering what their situations are...

Stefani said...

Oh we are SOO related! I wonder about people all the time! And if I was so much more creative than I am and had great writers I would make up stories about people that were as funny as the people in Date Night.