Monday, May 23, 2011

Woo-hoo Look Who is 32!

Mr. Lover turned 32 yesterday and so I thought I would write 32 reasons why I love this guy!
We went to the Spokane Shock (Arena Football) game on Friday night with some friends from our ward! SO fun. SO loud. My ears were ringing for the rest of the night.

1. He is passionate about the things he LOVES (as well as the things he doesn't)
2. He has a fun personality
3. He is a wealth of information about many subjects
4. He is an awesome cook (when he has time)
5. He plays and wrestles with the kids all the time
6. He has great insights
7. He is smart and logical
8. He is conscious of how I am feeling
9. He is so fun to tease because of his thick skin and loud laugh
10. He has so much energy when it comes to all things outdoors
11. He is a great landscaper (you can't tell by looking at our own yard though)
12. He can build ANYTHING out of wood
13. He's a great fix it man (again, when he has time)
14. He has a contagious energy
15. He loves his children and always compliments them on their strong points
16. He puts up with me and my girl drama and many other issues
17. He has a strong testimony
18. He gives me great advice (he is much wiser than me)
19. He is a BIG, no, scratch that, HUGE dreamer (which is refreshing from my boring practicality)
20. He has WONDERFUL family (double bonus for me)
21. He loves the temple
22. He doesn't get nervous about much
23. He is a go get-er (if he wants something done, he will do it RIGHT NOW)
24. He is not afraid to say how he feels, but still has tact.
25. He is always up for an adventure
26. He smells yummy
27. He has a nice boo-tay
28. He knows how to make people laugh
29. He is young looking (on our honeymoon people asked us if it was legal for us to be married, he looked like he was 12, ha!)
30. He loves his family very much and is extremely loyal to us/them
31. He LOVES to laugh
32. He is a great partner in this busy, crazy but fun life!

Since he has passed every level of Angry Birds ever made, I decided to do the red bird cake. My Bff Emily actually decorated it, because that is her specialty, but he LOVED it!


Stefani said...

Happy Birthday you old guy! Are the 32 reasons private ;)?

Megan said...

awwwww..... Happy Birthday Aaron! We think you are pretty great too Shan! Love and miss you all!

Stimpsons said...

Happy Birthday Aaron! Michael would be jealous of your cake! Wish we could see you people more, love ya,

Laurie said...

Hahaha, "he has a nice boo-tay." That's the best one. Great post, Shan, happy birthday again Aaron!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Joe and Julie said...

We are glad you guys are a great husband and a great family.

Kris said...

Nice Cake! Hope you had a super day Aaron!

Lindseys said...

Happy birthday, Aaron. We think you're pretty cool too. Loved the cake.



Shannon--I love this blog!! Your kids are so so cute!!! Wish you lived closer so we could get together with everyone!!!

Stefani said...

As we've always said he and Brad have a lot in common. Especially #27 - lol, j/k. And I'm wondering if Aaron could build me a watermelon as per #12. :) LOVE the cake! It makes me extremely happy!

Janet said...

Happy birthday Aaron boy!! Sounds like your day was fun! (I mean with an angry birds cake... How could you go wrong!)

Janet said...

Happy birthday Aaron boy!! Sounds like your day was fun! (I mean with an angry birds cake... How could you go wrong!)

Ryan and Megan Holmstrom said...

Looks like he struggled blowing out the candles! What a wimp!!!!!