Monday, July 11, 2011

Replay of the Family Va-cay

DISCLAIMER: This is pretty dang long: It's more for me for my journaling so I can remember, but you are all welcome to read! :)

Can I just say epitome of AWESOME! We had 2 reunions back to back in Boise, the Lindsey and then the Christensen, and then to Utah to see Aaron's sister and her family. I know everyone thinks their family is wonderful, but I think mine and Aaron's might take the cake! I slacked horribly in the picture taking department, but I know other people got some good ones. Those will come later...Here is a nutshell of the awesomeness and craziness that took place the past 2 weeks!!

Day 1 highlights:
Arrive in Boise at my brave sister Kristen's house (to host 41 people)
2 minutes after arriving Wesley gets a bloody nose (boys will be boys)
20 minutes after arriving me (as well as my sisters) have a laughing attack, with tears, literally!! NUDEST!!!!!! HAHAHA!)
Pizza and games at the park
Talking until late into the night

Day 2 Highlights:
COLTON'S 1st Birthday!!
Spent the day at Luck Peak res. swimming and having a great time!
Dinner and minute to win it games at the church
Colton smashing up his b-day cake all over the table (pics later)
Talking until REALLY late into the night
My NEWEST nephew Mitchell and his daddy Steve! 6 weeks old!! AWWW!

My adorable Mommy who made our LIVES possible! Chillin at the "beach."

The teenagers and Landon, who thought he was one, paddling around.
Day 3 Highlights:
Visiting the Boise State Penitentiary (quite creepy but QUITE cool)
Fantastic hike for some, while others played at the park
Visiting grandma/great-grandmas and grandpa's graves
Visiting mom/grandmas old stomping grounds in Notus and the dariy farm she grew up on! WOW, quite a production! Even I have never been to that old barn!
Hot dog roast at Uncle Darrel's house complete with tons of games and some s'mores!
Exhausted, but still visited until late at night
Lando playin at Uncle Darrel's

Wes gets a bit sweaty!

Suzie and baby Meghan pose for a cute one!

The teenagers playing Annie Annie Over

Day 4 Highlights:
Reunion was over but the fun continues
Me and 3 of my sisters went shopping all day (no kids)
Adult dinner at Olive Garden
Visited and laughed the rest of the night

Day 5 highlights:
Afton doing the girls hair for church
Church at Kris' with 35 people!
The start of the Christensen Reunion with Family history night (MAN, there is a lot of AWESOME history in this family) and some delicious ice cream. I think there was 150 people there...if the calculations were correct!
Pretty Gals!

Day 6 Highlights:
Happy 4th!
Few people running in the fun run including my awesome runner sisters!
Swimming at Uncle Mike's AWESOME indoor pool for hours on end
Eating delicious food
Chatting and getting to know all my sweet and awesome cousins and thier kids a bit better!
Homemade ice cream! UM, YUM!
Fireworks show at Uncle Roger's house
The fireworks starting a fire in the field!

Day 7 Highlights:
Aaron goes fishing this day
The rest of us goes to Lake Lowell for swimming, boating, tubing, skiing etc.
Aaron cathing the biggest trout of his career! :)
Talent show
More swimming

Day 8 highlights:
Saying goodbye (this was NOT a highlight BTW, but it had to happen)
Me and my cute fam driving to Layton to stay with Betsy (Aarons' sister) and her fam
Laurie, Aaron's youngest sister driving from BYU to come play for the rest of the week
Some shopping with just the girls!

Day 9 Highlights:
Layton Surf n' Swim! Fun wave pool all day long! Note to self: Put more sunscreen on! I got totally BURNED!
Hot dog roast complete with Woof 'ems (buiscuits roasted over the fire with your choice of filling to go on the inside)
Talking until late into the night
Cute Jerrin

Betsy, Syd, Shan, Colton

Rousing games of Badminton

Day 10 Highlights:
Boys go fishing ALL day.
Take kids to jump house in SLC
Temple Square (I had not been there in so long, and my kids never have, so fun and beautiful, BUT roasting hot!
Cafe Rio for dinner! OH MY!
Movie night for the women!

Day 11 Highlights:
Hill Airforce Museum, A BIG hit with the kids!!
Shopping with just the girls for the rest of the day! Spent 3 hours in TJ Maxx! Such bliss for me! I love these awesome ladies to shop with they are HILARIOUS! I think we tried on shoes for at least one of those hours! HAHAHA!

Day 12 Higlights:
Waking up at 4 am to drive 12 hours home! :( SO SO sad!

Notice the common trend: Staying up late EVERY night! I LOVE IT! I am so thankful for such a wonderful family on ALL sides. They are seriously stellar people who make me want to be a better, stronger, not to mention funnier, person! Everything was just perfect! Someone mentioned (can't remember who, my dad?) that he didn't hear ONE person getting mad at someone else and there was no fighting the ENTIRE time! That is spectacular!


Stefani said...

Waahhh! I burst into tears every time I think about how long it's going to be before we see each other again! :( It was such fun! And you are right, We have the BEST family ever!!! EVER!!!

Joe and Julie said...

Did I hear you use the word AWSOME in there somewhere? Twas fun indeed. Loved every minute of it. Thanks for summarizing.

Lindseys said...

Good write up, Shan. We are still partying with the Theriaults until tomorrow.

Fun times.

Janet said...

I am ready to burst into tears when I think of the awesomeness ending tomorrow for us! What a fun, fun trip!! Fun to read about it and the part with aarons fam! Miss you a million times over!