Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rugrat Activities

Syd and Wes are doing cross country at school this year. We have quite the little runners on our hands. They are sure making us proud!
Wes at the starting line...

Wes crossing the finish line

He came in 13th place (out of 100 1st grade boys) and to qualify for the all city meet, you have to come in 10th or better. SO CLOSE Wes! You are SUPER FAST!

Blurry Syd

Good form!

Happy at the end of her meet. She came in 2nd out of 120 3rd grade girls. She goes to the all city meet next week.

Cookie face

We went to Greenbluff (pumpkin patch/fall activity place) and had a MARVELOUS time.
Coco found his pumpkin!

The pea pit. Dried peas makes for an AWESOME "sandbox." Want to set one up in my yard!

Syd stuffed with peas!

Hay maze

Lando pondering amongst the pumpkins

My sweeties

Coco listening to conference


Lindseys said...

Wow, Syd and Wes must have gotten their running endurance from me because I certainly don't have any. Way to go, guys.

I like the dried pea sandbox.What happens when it rains?

Stefani said...

Wo! Totally AWESOME! Wes and Syd. Running is great!

Gone are the days of photos at the pumpkin patch:(. I guess I coulda taken one of myself when I was there a week or 2 ago picking out some to put on my porch.

And I was totally cracking up at the things your kids say over on the side of your blog.

Love you guys!!

karensumpter said...

Way to go Syd & Wes!! That's awesome! I love Wesley's tiny shirt:) The pictures at the pumpkin patch are great...so fallish. I need you to come take pictures of my kiddos.

Stimpsons said...

Way to go kiddos! Love to see what you guys are up to.