Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Sisters weekend out, may have been the best, most relaxing weekend in history (well, since the LAST sisters reunion).  We met in Phoenix this time and stayed at the Sumpter residence.  What awesome hosts, and generous sisters I have.  Our activities consisted of talking, going out to dinner, talking, staying up late, chatting, visiting temples, botanical gardens, picnic, visiting with some dear cousins, chatting, lazing by the pool, pizza place complete with an ENORMOUS pipe organ, visiting, eating donuts (Lindsey family favorite), great food and better company!  Steve (Karen's hubby) was so patient and so nice to deal with our estrogen loaded weekend.  It always suprises me how well we all get along (although it shoulnd't because, we ALWAYS do).  There is no drama in my family and that is what I think I love most about them!!!!!
Girl Power! 
 Gilbert Temple, in the works...
 Dear sweet cousin, Megan.  We could have chatted for 24 more hours, easy! (CHEESY of me)
 CUTE nieces
 Baby nephew Levi.  LOVE!
 Pipe organ player.  A.mazing
 The crew at the pizza place
I missed the kids, but only a little bit.  They were so busy with Aaron, they didn't even have time to miss me!  What a blessed mom, sister, and wife I am!  Aaron was a GREAT Mr. Mom!  Until 2 years my sisters!!


Stefani said...

Whew, thanks for being the one to post first. I was afraid everyone was waiting for me. I have a post in the works, stay tuned. I too had a fabulous time!! I love all you guys more than I can express!!

Megan said...

SO FUN to see you! So glad you had such a fun weekend and that you included me! :) I agree - could have talked forever.... keeping my fingers crossed that we get to meet up again this summer!

Kristen said...

Such a great weekend!!! Miss all my sisters!!!

karensumpter said...

I don't want to wait 2 more years until the next one...I'm ready now!