Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April-ish Actvities

 We went rock climbing at the local gym.  The kids did great.  They even got their mom to try it (sorry these pics are dark,  you will have to enlarge to see).
 Looking STRAIGHT up...
 Syd really high up
 Dad and Syd
 Wes, showin off his moves
 Landon and Colton did a lot of this
 For Easter, we went to Aunt Carrie and Uncle Tyler's house.  Got to see grandma and grandpa and the happy couple (who are getting married soon!)
 Coco and Kelsi
 Uncle D, cracking toes

 Tractor rides
 Easter egg hunt
 Movie time
 Coco and Lila are cute little buddies!  They make me crack up.

My boys!!!


Leslie said...

AWESOME and april isn't over yet...I love the rock climbing idea, may have to use for FHE.

Stefani said...

You guys are cuties! End of story.