Thursday, May 1, 2008

Utah Fun

We had such a fun time in Utah! We drove 11 hours and the kids did great! We got to celebrate a birthday (Lucy's), go shopping at bargain stores, Down East Home, Ikea, eat, chat with family (OF COURSE), go to BYU graduation, go to the Aviary in Salt Lake, eat lunch at a park, have a YUMMY BBQ and all the while mess up Betsy's (Aaron's sister) house!! We had soooo much fun and we LOVE being with and seeing family!!! Aaron's WHOLE family was there and it was just really nice to see everyone and their cute kids. Thanks to Laurie for taking so many pictures for me...if you would like to see the pictures go to this site...too many to post here!¤t=ced64679.pbw

Thank sooooooo much Bets and Dustin for letting us thrash your house and for being so nice!!! We love you ALLLLL, family!

SIDE NOTE: Can some one help me...I tried to post the photobucket pictures to Blogger and the pictures we so big, you couldn't see anything but a little corner of them. I even shrunk them and all!! I have done it before but can't remember what I did!!!


Theriault Family said...

shoonie... i just looked at your photos you posted on facebook... so fun!

Megan said...

How fun!! I love family reunions, too bad the Somes weren't there too! I'm glad everyone got to be there. I loved the pictures. I haven't seen Lucy in a long time and she looks just like a little Banks girl! Super cute! All the kiddos are adorable. Grandma Banks must have been in heaven! :)

The Hardy Boys...and Me said...

I haven't been to Utah in way to long! How fun to go spend family time!