Thursday, March 5, 2009

All Because I am CRAZY!

All because I am WACO this little girl got to play "pin the purse on the girl"

All because I am a LOON this girl got a whole bunch of loot (we are talkin NICE gifts here)

All because I have a DEATH WISH, this girl of mine got some yummy cupcakes (courtesy of WinCo :0)

All because I am a NUT JOB this happy girl invited 17 (YES....SEVENTEEN) of her closest friends (I don't know where she gets so many friends, I don't even have seventeen friends!) to her sixth birthday party and had a MARVELOUS time! The crazy mom did have a lot of help from a few of HER closest friends...(thank goodness!) since dad is MIA! (we miss you DAD).

A good time was had by all, but I can safely say that I won't do this least for a year (jk). Happy 6th Sydnie! We LOVE you!!


Anonymous said...

Birthday parties...GOOD TIMES!!

Joe and Julie said...

Happy Birthday to Syd. Yeah, moms do weird stuff sometimes but they take lots of good pics. Years later they remember their children before they were all grown up. Life only happens once.

Janet said...

love it!! happy b-day syd!

Janet said...

hahahahaha... mom, can you turn down landon's voice.... hahahahaha.
i love what kids think of!

bowman family said...

I can't believe Syd is 6!!!! Happy B-day Syd!!! How's it going with selling the house? Any luck? Take care:)

MegThur said...

Cute Post Shannon! You are such a good mommy!! Syd is such a doll! I love her dress and all her jewelry, so glam! How did we get old enough to have 6 year olds?!

Bowles said...

Happy Birthday Sydnie!! 6 that is amazing. What a super mom you are for having 17 children over for a birthday party! That is one large group of kids to entertain/feed.
Way to go you!
Have a great day!

dljpg said...

Happy birthday Syd. We are excited to see you at the family reunion.