Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happiness is:

I have had some negative energy lately prob cuzz I am missing my man like crazy and this market is in no shape to be selling an old cruddy I decided (with help from my sister) to blog about everything that makes me happy, I want you all to write one thing, in my comment box, that makes you happy too:

1. Kids in bed, asleep (like right now)
2. American Idol
4. Sunshine
5. Chapstick
6. The beach
7. A very clean home (one good thing about trying to sell a house!)
8. Temple marriage
9. My warm cozy bed
10. Pedicures
11. My family-BOTH SIDES (including all the extended ones...I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU ALL)
12. Wonderful friends (past AND present, even the ones I don't talk to anymore...except maybe on FB :0))
13. Receiving e-mails
14. Facebook
15. Chocolate covered strawberries
16. Shopping at Costco
17. Giving and receiving true compliments
18. A big fat hamburger (I just saw a Carls Jr commercial)
19. A fixed shiny wedding ring (just got mine back)
20. COOOLD water for drinking
21. Fresh air clean breathable air
22. Mama Mia (my current fav movie)
23. Cute shoes that I got from Kohl's
24. My little man Landon crawing around the room (just learned this week)
25. Good smelling soap
26. Facials (have you had one? They are heavenly!)
27. My 4-Runner (I miss you car-Aaron has it right now is Seatown, and I am driving the other one)
28. Maggie Moos
29. The ability to get a lot accomplished
30. Doing Yoga
31. Picking Syd up from school and when she sees me she runs to me and hugs me
32. Growing a garden
33. Listening to my kids play together (they put Landon on top of this big stuffed dog and pulled him around the house on it)
34. Shaved legs (not that this happens too often for me)
35. Clean folded put away laundry
36. My slippers
37. Chocolate milkshakes
38. My parents example and influence
39. The gospel
40. That my hubby is soo funny and he always makes me laugh
41. Waking up and realizing that you still have an hour (or more) to sleep
42. Deodorant
43. Garage door opener (I used to not have one, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE having one)
44. Music in my car
45. Thoughtful people
46. Laugh out loud funny movies
47. Seeing my lover over spring break (2 days!)
48. Getting my back scratched (thanks for the genes dad...itchy back)
49. Pj Pants
50. When my cell phone rings and I can see Aaron's picture pop up...


Anonymous said...

What a great list!!!! There's several things on there that I TOTALLY, 100%, agree with. Not that I don't agree with other items on your list....any-way, that sucks that your hubby's gone a lot.

Aaron said...

chocolate covered strawberries...actually had one today; it was gooood!

I'm saying two:

I'm happy for a good job! and
I'm happy for my family!

Carrie said...

Sunshine... I have really been wanting this winter to be over!!! Now if only the wind would stop blowing, it might feel like spring!

Organized house...I love emptying a box and breaking it down after unpacking it. Love putting everything in the exact right place.

I love your cold tap water too. That is some good water!

My sis-in-law, Shannon, who is so awesome and strong and tough and is such a good example to me of enduring hard things.

Hang in there, Shan! Have fun in Seattle! Stop by if you need a little breaky break. Love you!

Megan said...

Right now, one thing that makes me happy is that I know that I can do anything I set my mind to do.

Megan said...

Great list by the way!

Stefani said...

I had a great day yesterday after I started the day off with "happy thoughts".

My happy thought for today, that I didn't put on my list, is my Mini-van. I love that it is family friendly (automatic doors, dvd player, fold down seats, drives well, cruise control, gets decent gas milage, good stereo, heats up fast, good defroster... ok seriously I could go on) I won't mention it has dents and no ipod jack... but I'm trying not to think about that.

I am LOVING Mama Mia right now too. I watched it on Mon. and if I didn't have so much other stuff going on, I'd be watching it right now. I wish we could watch it together.

Lindseys said...

Taking a day off when your sister and her family are in town.

(Come visit all the rest of you sisters out there.)

We had a great time with the Tophams.

MegThur said...

Making a list like this really helps doesn't it? A year or two ago I would always write down every night a few things that made me smile that day, I need to start that up again!
I agree with ALL of yours, and I will add: Thursday afternoons! (like right now) They are awesome because you know that tomorrow is Friday! (AND The Office is on!)

karensumpter said...

sunny, warm days where we can go outside and play, or just sit by the window and enjoy it!

Theriault Family said...

being healthy... having the ability to eat healthy and exercise... going on a run (in a 1/2 hour)

love you!

Kristen said...

clean sheets

ice water

fun times with family (see my blog)

: )

Kunz Clan said...

My old college roommates make me happy. I love looking back on the good times and remembering how much they taught me. I also love blogging and keeping in touch with people that mean a lot to me! Make yourself a joy jar and everyday write down on a slip of paper something that brought you joy that day. It really helps you count your blessing and notice the little things.

Bowles said...

Great post. Its always good to count your blessings. I hope your house sells soon!
I am grateful for sunshine that is out today. Its been a while since we have seen it.
Have a great day!

Joe and Julie said...

Is there a Maggie Moos in Seattle? It would be a long drive back to Spokane to go there. Good list

Natalie said...

Billy Joel

Luke and Mel said...

What a great idea Shannon. Right now I am grateful for sleeping kids. They are so sweet when they are sleeping.