Monday, April 6, 2009


We had a great spring break in Lynnwood seeing Dad/Aaron. During the week we:

Got a new van
Saw Monsters vs Aliens
When out for seafood with the 'rents and no kids!!! :0)
Kids enjoyed Build-A-Bear with Grandma-sooooo much fun for them. (Sydnie's bears names is Tootsie and Wesley's is Mark-sorry Sydnie took this pic of the bears not the best but you get the idea!)
Enjoyed each other company

It was even sunny the last 2 days we were there so we got to spend some time outside! I LOVE the sun, it makes me feel so happy! I can't think of anything my kids like more than grandmas and grandpas! BLISS!!!

Our van was so needed and it is INCREDIBLE! We have so much room now. NO more squishing 3 car seats into the back of the 4-runner and no more driving dangerously in the Oldsmobile!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!

Van details:
2006 Kia Sedona
15,000 miles (WAHOO)


Megan said...

Fun April! Love the new van! Love grandmas and grandpas too. Everyone needs them! :) Glad you got to hang out on the West Side!

Kristen said...

sounds like fun!

karensumpter said...

Sydnie looks so old/mature--not so kid-like anymore! I'm sure she's thrilled she finally got to go to build-a-bear!

Tami and Jared said...

Glad you got to get away and see Aaron, and have grandparents to help with the kiddos. Those little visits that break up tax season are the only way I survive. Only one more week!

Joe and Julie said...

Sunshine is the best. Nice new van.

Stefani said...

Cute pictures! We are anxiously anticipating our spring break next week. I agree with dad, sunshine is the best!

BTW, did you get that birthday card? What? You didn't? Oh, well that's because I NEVER sent it! Slacker!!!

Janet said...

fun times... all the way around. glad things are going so well! love ya!