Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Visitors Came...

Have you read that book? The Visitors Came? The month of March was EXACTLY that at the Banks household! We had so many visitors (17 different people to be exact), and along with that comes SO much fun. Here are some fun pic of all the activities!
Syd showing off that she lost her 1st tooth (finally). She was SO happy!

Playing Apples to Apples with the Tophams (cousins)

Seeing the Tulips (the 1st time)

Landon's new trick

Aaron taking a snooze on Rosario Beach

Beach Dock

Beach Hike with Tophams

2nd Time Seeing the Tulips (the sista shot...we need you Laurie)

It was a blast if you don't mind serve wind chill!

The cutest lil' man Jarin!

The girl sleepover. Lets just say lots of giggling took place!

All the cousins (minus Jarin). Doesn't Landon look like he is having a smashing good time?

Who is coming to visit us next? I promise we will show you a GREAT time!


Stefani said...

That area to play Apples to Apples seems very, um... interesting. Kids just crack me up. And I love the last one of Landon having a "smashing good time". I wish we coulda been there! :( Maybe sometime!

Laurie said...

I need you guys too!! 2 weeks and we'll get to hang out and I'll get to see your adorable kids, wa hoo! :D

karensumpter said...

I love Landon's trick against the wall...quite an acrobat. It looks like you actually had some sun for the first tulip trip. Speaking of tulips, I love them. I want to go! I thought the same thing as Stef about the apples to apples placement:)

Steven said...

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Pass it on..

Kris said...

Ha! I didn't even notice the funny place they were playing Apples to Apples.

Lindseys said...

Looks really fun. We might be up that way in July. Mark is actually in Seattle right now. He's on tour with his school orchestra.

Love Landon's wall trick. Joseph has some sweats like those.

Janet said...

wow, those tulips are GORGEOUS! looks like your march was awesome! wish we could have been one of the visitors... we'd love to come to seattle to see ya'll! love ya