Thursday, April 22, 2010

Top 50

Time for my annual 50 things I am GENUINELY grateful for. It REALLY helps me to count my blessings, there are so many amongst the trials! Here it goes:

2. Sunshine
3. Date night
4. Chocolate Cake
5. Clean kitchen
6. Eternal families
7. Donuts
8. Baby in my belly (even though he does flips ALL day long)
9. Watermelon smoothies
10. Knowledge
11. Family coming to visit (like this weekend!!)
12. My BIG TV
13. Painted toe nails
14. Emails
15. Spicy food
16. Temple (going tomorrow!)
17. Toothbrush
18. Waffles
19. Blankets
20. Lotion
21. Washer/dryer
22. Foot soaker (for my aching feet-OUCH!)
23. Hilarious Kids
24. HARD working hubby
25. Serving hubby
26. Plumbing (think about this a lot, I REALLY am thankful for flushing toilets-BIG TIME)
27. Vita-mix (I am IN LOVE)
28. Napping Landon
29. When Aaron talks about fishing (after he catches a big one-PURE JOY for this boy)
30. BBQ anything
31. Grandmas and Grandpas (LOVE that we live close to a few)
32. My BED
33. Smores with Caramello candy bar instead of Hershey's (cooked on my gas stove with my kids)
34. Grass (to play on or lay on)
35. My memories
36. Brisk walks
37. The words "I love you mommy!"
38. Loving family
39. Fresh flowers
40. Bargains
41. Strawberry jam
42. Beach
43. Freedom
44. Food Network (YUM)
45. Organization
46. Lots of trees (good thing I live in a forrest-sort of)
47. Laughing
48. Face soap (makes me sleep better at night if I have a clean face)
49. Crock pot
50. RS program

Okay, so you have to realize I am pregnant, I really like food right about now! I am SO grateful for food though!! WOW! What are you thankful/grateful for?? Write a list! I dare you!


Stefani said...

Thanks Shoon, this is always such a good idea! I'm in love with our Vitamix too! And a lot of other things you have on your list.

Something I think about all the time, that I'm grateful for is "the ability to read". Weird I know, but none the less...

Megan said...

I love this post. Thank you!!

Joe and Julie said...

A very thought provoking idea. I like you list.

Janet said...

shoonie, love this post! Thanks for being so optimistic and thankful! i LOVE our vitamix too! :) love ya!