Monday, May 10, 2010

One Happy Mom

How could I NOT have a happy Mothers day when I get to wake up to this every morning!?

Syd had a choir concert at school! Very cute! We were sitting in the back row, hence the bad picture...

Look at those baby blues!

Lando ran into a chain link fence, just right (or just wrong) last week. I thought he might need stitches at first because the cut was DEEP. I put a band aid on for a while and when I took it off it looked SO much better. He is doing just fine, but will probably have a big scar there! Poor dude!

For mom's day I enjoyed a delicious breakfast of an egg scramble, a nap, church, grilled steak burritos for dinner, and cheesecake for dessert with the in-laws! Perfect day! I love my little family sooo much!


Stefani said...

You guys are so cute! Glad you had a good mommy's day! I didn't get raisin bran either -- in fact I didn't get anything. Brad had to go to church earlish and I still had cupcake prep to do :( ah, so much for the early schedule.

Sorry to hear about my little Landy

Lindseys said...

Sounds like a good day, Shan. What is an egg scramble? Was it on purpose?

You have really cute kids.


Janet said...

shoonie... you are a lucky lady! what a great fam you have!!!