Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sweet Relief

For the past two years, our road has been…well…really rocky.

Sparing you all the BORING details, lets just “nustshell” it. Bought a house that we wish we hadn’t. Got a new job (in a different city) and lived six months apart (THAT was a tough one). Tried to sell my house as a single mom (don’t recommend that one). Never sold it. Moved back in together (FINALLY) for 4 months and then laid off for six. Finding out I was pregnant 4 days after the lay off—

Now that we have a job back in good ol Spokane, I can breathe easy and express the joy (as well as the heartache) that we have experienced.

Now this is not a complaint post, but let me tell you…being laid off might be one of the scariest, heart sinking experiences. It seems that life is stuck in one spot, literally. All you are THINKING about is all the things you want or actually NEED, and affordability is just not in the cards. It can be a real downer, even for a self-proclaimed optimist like myself…

Although our life has been on hold for the past six months, the blessings came pouring in. Here are some of them:

Became very close as husband and wife
Learned how to rely on the Lord
Family stepped in mentally, physically and emotionally (2 million times more than EVER expected)
Learned how little we can live on and STILL be okay
When sick when preggo, my hubby was here the WHOLE TIME (including not having to find a baby sitter for all my Dr. appointments)

I could keep going, but the picture is painted right?

I now feel empowered, strengthened, a serge of adrenaline as we are moving back to where we started. I feel like we can go through anything now. Not invincible really, just toughened and blessed. Taking it ONE day at a time is and was key here. Rock bottom is not a good place to be, but the ride up will sure be fun!


The Lemon Family said...

we have been down your road and would definitely not wish it upon others but grateful for the refining fire of it all...are getting to go back to the same house?

Kristin said...

It seems like so many people are/have been there. We are just on the road up as well.
I am so happy for you guys and jealous about the move to Spoky!
Hopefully we'll be back someday.
Congrats on everything!!

Stefani said...

Shoon, you are more than a self proclaimed optimist. You ACTUALLY are one! I'm so glad you are on your way back up! What a great feeling! I love you a ton!

Kris said...

you are awesome!

bowman family said...

I'm so glad to hear that he has a job now! You guys are awesome and I really admire your faith and patience!!

Megan said...

We are so excited for your news! I remember telling James during a certain trial "This is not the hardest thing we will ever have to go through" - knowing that we would come out stronger and prepared to face the next one with the lessons we learned from the last one.

Yay for a job! Yay for Spokane! Yay for a new baby! (Sad for Gma Banks that you are moving!)

Now go celebrate!!

Lindseys said...

To borrow a line from O Brother Where Art Thou, "Looks like the Banks family is right back on top again." Congratulations, guys. I assume you will be moving back into your house in Spokane. You guys are awesome.

karensumpter said...

Shoonie, your positive example and faith have helped me. When I'm facing something less than desirable, I just think, "if Shannon and Aaron can get through their unpleasant-ness, then so can I." I'm so excited and happy for you guys

Mike and Jen said...

it really is so crazy close you grow together when things are tough...definitely makes the trials seems worth it!

Janet said...

YAY for the banks! you guys moved this weekend. hope it went well! love you guys!