Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Summer!

Lando enjoying a DELICIOUS pineapple smoothie!


Wes lookin cute. This shirt is his OBSESSION!

Syd lookin all OLD!

Our summer officially started last Monday. Sydnie's last day of school was Friday, we moved Saturday and have been enjoying the warm weather Spokane has to offer ever since! Warm weather, how I have missed you!!! We have been busy unpacking, going to parks, dr. appointments, libraries, movies, playing outside, drinking smoothies, catching up with old friends etc. We are currently living in a 2 bedroom apartment, which isn't half bad! It takes me 2 seconds to clean, and I don't have to unplug the vacuum, not ONCE, when I do the whole house! Here are some recent pics, since I noticed a picture shortage lately.


Stefani said...

Ah, the simple joys of motherhood... not having to unplug the vacuum, HA! I love the pictures - I miss you guys. And a pineapple smoothie sounds heavenly!

Janet said...

love all the pics!!! you're kids are absolutely adorable! i love wes' shirt obsession. way to look on the bright side of an apt... don't have to unplug the vacuum! that seriously saves time and bending over (especially with you being pregnant)! :) love ya shoonie!