Monday, June 7, 2010

Get a Life!

We finally are starting a new chapter in our life! Aaron started work today (hopefully, it's going well, we haven't spoken yet). We are moving BACK to Spokane in 2 weeks (on the 19th of June) and then most likely a week after that, I will be having a baby. How is that for getting our life back??!! So, here are some of the details that you have all been so curious about...

Aaron is staying with some AWESOME nice friends of ours for the next week or 2. He will come home on weekends and help me pack etc. We DO own a house in Spokane but have unfortunately outgrown it. Also our renters (who are awesome, I might add) will not be out until August. We need a place in 2 weeks. We have been diligently searching for a BIG place to rent (for cheap), but still no luck yet. It's a bit nerve racking knowing we are moving and don't have a house yet, but I know it will happen. We are also cutting out of our Seattle lease one month early and our "understanding" landlord is MAKING us pay for the WHOLE month of July, and we won't even been here. No slack there! So if you know some one who wants to take our lease July 1st (and beyond), CALL ME! We also have to have enough faith that our house that we OWN will get rented by August.

So...there is much going on in our household, a lot of which is out of our control, but we are just excited to be moving on and getting a life! Now lets just hope I don't go into labor too early, I really would like my hubby to be in that delivery room with me!


Stefani said...

I'm so glad you are getting a life.
I will pray for a tight sphincter for you;)

karensumpter said...

I don't know if I would say having a new baby is 'getting your life back'...its more like 'good-bye life,' but it is exciting none-the-less. The part about the new job and moving into a new, big house is exciting though. I know you'll find something great!

Natalie said...

i really like your attitude shoonie
good luck with everything