Thursday, November 18, 2010

Check Out the Cuties

Got a new lens for the camera...checkin it out on the little man (who is almost 5 months old!)

Mouth full of popcorn chicken, yet still soo cute!

He walked around with this on his head for 20 min!

The weather has been SO crazy this month. Super rainy, cold, cloudy, AND snowy. Makes for great sunsets though.

We/Aaron is doing a mini home revovation project. Can you guess what this is? All will be revealed in a few weeks (or whenever Aaron gets it done)


Lindseys said...

Fun pictures, Shannon. You forgot a picture of your cute self.

Looking forward to seeing the end result of the home renovation project. Good luck, Aaron.


Caroline said...

Wow your family is so cute! I love Landon's face! Yes, and I'm with Derek, let's see a picture of you!

Stefani said...

oops, that was me above. I've been helping a friend with her blog. I forgot to sign out I guess

Joe and Julie said...

What a great looking bunch of people.

Stimpsons said...

So cute. I hope we can see you irl in Boise soon.