Thursday, January 6, 2011

Allow me to Sum Up...

A lot has happened in the past few months in my blogging absence. I will now do a "sum up" with some pictures as well...

*Had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving in Seattle (just for the record, it might have been the most delicious Turkey Day I have ever had). Spent the week/weekend with Aaron's rad family. We did TONS of talking and tons of eating and mega shopping. Aaron had his first Black Friday experience with Tyler (bro in law, who is a BF DIE HARD) where they were out from 10:00 pm Thanksgiving night until the next morning at 9:00! I was at home sleeping, thank goodness, but I think he had a great time (and got all of our Christmas shopping done).
Colton with his adorable cousin Lila (5 weeks apart)
*Wes and I get strep throat
*Lots of snow

*Driving to Boise for Christmas!!!! We went to Boise to stay with my sister Kristen and her family! They were nice enough to have us for one WHOLE week AND even spend Christmas day with them! It was a mad house (15 people in total), and my parents even came to join the festivities! My goodness, it was fun and SUPER relaxing!
Kris and me cooking and baking!
Lando and his BFF cuzzy Spencer

Colton getting so spoiled being held by Trevor (and EVERYONE!)

Santa Baby...

The Christmas Morning Line

*On Christmas Day, we ate the best dinner in history at Uncle Roger's house. It was beef tenderloin. Talk about MELT IN THE MOUTH! Along with twice baked potatoes, jello salad, and a plethera of pies! I think there was at LEAST 15 pies, AND who could forget the homemade ice cream? For the pie feed, I think there were about 80 people there to enjoy the delicious goodness! SO FUN!

*Colton turns 6 months

* My cousin came home from his mission, and there was a crowd of 80 (I think) to greet him at the airport!
*My parents took 25 of us out to Chilis! Good food, GREAT company!
*Park (2x)
*Getting to see my OTHER siblings because their in laws live in Boise too!!!! :)
*Boys going to the movie Inception
*Poor Brenna getting so sick! :(
*TONS of games
*Watching a Western!
*A SCRUMPTIOUS breakfast at Uncle Larry's (consisting again of about 80 people)
*A snow packed drive home
*New appliances (dishwasher and fridge-MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME)
*Lando gets ear infection
The list could keep going, NO better way to spend the holidays than with family! BIG OL' SHOUT out to our WONDERFUL family...extended and immediate! YOU ARE ALL AWESOME and we LOVE YOU! Thanks for the partying and memories!


Kristen said...

LOVE the pics. So fun to have you all here. COME BACK!!!!

Lindseys said...

That was a fun post, Shan. We are glad you guys made it back OK with all the snow over the passes. We hit a pretty snowy stretch just south of Burley that was pretty white knuckle.

We had a great time partying with you. We will have to do it again.


Joe and Julie said...

Wow! That is a lot to pack into such a short time. Glad we could share a lot of it with you.

Janet said...

What fun!!

Stimpsons said...

so fun to see you guys! I wish it was longer.

Stefani said...

I wish I could have been there (pangs of jealousy). I guess I should have pushed harder to get us all up there. It looks and sounds like tons of fun! You guys are the cutest!

Heidi said...

I'm so glad you guys had fun! I love the pictures. Miss you!

Stefani said...

By the way I was going to give a shout out to Inigo Montoya... you go!