Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Don't forget to smell the flowers!

I have been thinking a lot lately how wonderful and precious life is. A lot of things have happened to close friends and neighbors lately and it really makes me pause to cherish the moments and really appreciate the gospel. Two of mine and Aaron's friends recently were divorced and that was a big blow! Satan really knows how to work his power on our weaknesses!

Secondly, my good friend (who lives across the grass from me) has just been through sooo much drama with her husband and the court and some crimes that he had commited a few years ago. Her husband is now in jail and they have 3 children. I know her husband personally and he is such a nice, strong, changed man, it really saddens me to see this happen. On the other hand, he broke the law and therefore, should not get special treatment. This has been such an earth shaking expierience for us. It's always on my mind. It makes me greatful for the gift of the attonement and the chance that he (as well as all of us) can truely repent!

My old roommate emailed me the other day and said that her mom had a massive stroke and died suddenly! What a shock it was to all of us. She was in really good health (excpet for being over weight) and all of a sudden she is gone! This makes me really greatful for the plan of salvation and for the knowledge that we have of life after death! Can you imagine what it would feel like to think that we would NEVER be with our loved ones again?

The purpose of this is not really to complain, but to express the graditude I have to the gospel, friends, church, neighbors and supporters. I have really been thinking about life a lot and how wonderful it can be if we stop to smell the flowers and enjoy the little things, and take the big burdens in stride as they come!


Carrie said...

I feel this way all the time. I am so grateful for the blessed life I live. And I'm grateful that I was taught to make great choices so that my life could be blessed. Sometimes I look around and feel like I'm lucky, and I am. But my life is also blessed because I (as you have also) made some good choices that got me to where I am. Thank goodness for the gospel!

Carrie said...

PS I agree about taking life's big burdens in stride as they come.*easier said than done!* I have so many friends who get undone as soon as they get bad news (just found out a friend is having to move in not so great circumstances). I'm not saying I've got this figured out, but I am saying that worrying, whining, fighting against the inevitable is an effort in futility. Its easier and faster to just roll with it! (please don't look to me as an example of this!)

Megan said...

Thanks Shannon. I needed to read that today. You are so awesome.