Friday, July 20, 2007


You know kids say the darnest things. Wes is starting so say so many funny things and I feel like I am always laughing at between witty Sydnie and silly Wesley

A few things Wes Says:

1. I ask him what is favorte part of the day when I am tucking him in at night and he usually says the "blue one" (which makes no sence, but he is really trying to find an answer) or he will say that daddy is his favorite part (awww, sweet).

2. He ALWAYS said "hey mom...I LOVE YOU." It really melts my heart and then after all the messes he makes and frustration he causes, I love him all over again!

A few things Syd has said:

1. She was playing with a plastic lizzard and she said this lizzard is dead! I said well, it's okay because it will get reserected, and said this lizzard won't get resurected because he is going to bite Jesus. (haha)

2. I was wearing my retainer one day and talking funny. Syd just kept looking at me and then she finally said, Mom does that retainer help you speak Spanish?


Taya said...

Oh that made me laugh!! I could just picture Sidney and Wes saying those things!! Too cute.

Sam is saying new words everyday that sound pretty funny. The latest...(mean mean)green bean, (cheesss)cheese, (tah-oh)taco, (lide)slide, and (wing)swing. Kids are so funny sometimes. Thanks for the giggles!

Carrie said...

Hee hee... How do you remember those things??

Lainey said to me yesterday (I've been rereading Harry Potter to get ready for the new book), "The house is NOT prebby (pretty), Mom. Look a da mess! It's not prebby. We need to go."

Sounds as though I have taught her well. Clean= pretty, but more importantly, if its too big of a mess, LEAVE!

Megan said...

ha, ha! those are so cute!

Megan said...

Katie ends everything with an "m", so clean is ceam, and lotion is lotiom, raisen is raisem. I don't always get what she is saying but it's funny, sometimes Porter will interpret for me and tell me what she is trying to say.