Saturday, July 28, 2007

I am happy because....

We have had a fun week. Let me tell you all what we did.

1. Monday: We went swimming in the local pool (my kids are TOTALLY into swimming)

2. Tuesday: Went to the park and play in the fountian (there is a cool water feature that tons of kids can play under and run through) We usually do this once a week.

3. Wednseday: Went swimming at my friends aunts pool (really REALLY nice pool)

4. Thursday: Picked raspberries at Greenbluff (YUM) and then went to book club that night. We read Evening Class (thanks Carrie for the referal). Everyone seemed to like it, I was relieved since it was my selection.

5. Friday: Made a few jars of rasperry jam and went to Lake Couer'd Alene and had a picnic and went swimming in the lake. I have also been reading Harry Potter all week (of course) but it was hard because I had to finish my book club book first!

6. Saturday: Read a lot of HP (well I am now to page 400) and went grocery shopping at Wal Mart. (I know REALLY exciting). Aaron went fishing with his freind this morning but didn't catch anything...he still had fun.

That is it for the week but it sure has been fun. The weather has been pretty hot (upper 90's) so it is fun to always be swimming or getting coolded off. Wes sure has been a grump lately. I am cutting out his naps (because I am sick of him going to bed after 10 every night) but he sure is tired by the time 4 or 5:00 rolls around! YIKES! Poor Aaron was stuck at work all week while the kids and I got to play! We have a lot more funs stuff planned my parents and my sister are coming, we are going camping, going to Silverwood etc! I love the summer time...don't ever changes seasons! (I do like fall too!)


Megan said...

Shannon - I wish we lived by you so we could come play with you guys! Sounds like you had a super fun week!

Carrie said...

Ditto to Megan's comment. I wanna swim with Sid and Wes!